Letter #80
Hey dad. 

This week our investigators are doing well. Our renter has gained a testimony of the book of mormon. We may invite her to be baptized this week. She is such a sweet lady and it would be fantastic if she gets baptized. We are having members get to know her better. Other than her our investigators have kind of disappeared xD haha We have lots of futures and things like that. :) 

I´m really enjoying trelew. It´s gotten COLD this week. The leaves are falling the days are getting shorter it´s definately ushering in the winter season. Our zone is great and i love my district. (us and the ZLs) Everything is going great in the mission. This week we are doing a week in christ´s shoes. for every day we have something planned to try to be more christlike. For example one day we are going to only offer to serve when contacting, etc. We also have interviews with president so we are going to be crazy busy. :D

Woah!! That seems like the most jamed pack week of fun i´ve ever heard of. That sounds fun. In the end it´s up to you guys what you want to do. I´m allright with whatever you´ve got planned. I think it will be a huge shock from mission life to the real world again but I think that may be what I need. xD Idk it´s up to you guys :D We can talk a bit more about that on mother´s day. :) 

Oh, the mission will be sending you more information on traveling and when I exactly get home. Keep your eyes out for the email because both of you will be recieving it :D 

I´m happy all is going bettter with work and colorado. The house sounds gorgeous. :) When I read about the 100 day chain it just cracked me up xD hahaha You guys are killing me. Before we know it that day will be here. I hope you guys have a good week. I love ya dad. 

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

Hola Hola. :D

It´s so funny to see how trunky you guys are. You are more trunky at this moment than I am. :D 

I´m doing great. We have been busy lately. Our investigators are doing well. We talked to our renter and she has the beginning of a testimony of the book of mormon. It is so beautiful to see the seed start growing and the change that comes from it. That´s pretty much all for this week. Not much happened. It got really cold though. The leaves have fallen and the cold weather is on it´s way. :) 

I got my hair cut this week. I cut it on the sides but I left it longer on the top. I will send photos or you will be able to see it on mother´s day. It may or may not drive you crazy xD hahaha 

That´s a pretty funny story I for sure would have understood perfectly xD haha I hardly speak english. I only speak it when i´m around other americans but even then we still speak in spanish becuase it is what we are most acustomed to. It fries my brain to think in spanish and english so it usually just stays in spanish. :) You will be having an argentine comming home, not an american xD 

This week we have seen miracles and with this week comming there are going to be even more. We have interviews and at the same time we are doing a week long activity to try to be more like christ. Every day we have something planned such as contacts with just the book of mormon or just offer to serve. It will be fun so I will tell you more about it next week. :D For now I hope you guys have a good week. I love you all so much. :

Con AMor
Elder Kolton Elmer

p.s. I counted 113 days left...idk check my math. You guys may have to add on a few more days xD hahaha 

*This week my comp and I had rocks thrown at us and one of them hit me in the back. There will always be oposition but the work of god will go forth nobly and independantly untill it has penatrated every continant, reached every climb, sounded in every ear untill the great jehova shall say the work is done. Remember that charity suffers long. We may suffer but we can be happy knowing that we were christlike. :D

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