Letter #81
Hey Everybody!!!! :D This week as a mission we did something called "a week in his shoes" For this activity we strived for 100% obedience and had plenty of challenges to do. 

Sunday- start with fast
Monday- Super Pday Asado!
Tuesday- Super day (set high goals)
Wednesday- LDM Book of mormon day
Thursday- Interviews
Friday- Service day. Only offer service in contacts
Saturday- Another super day
Sunday- Testimony meeting as a Zone. 

For example, We had a day where we contacted only using the book of mormon. It was interesting becuase we found the dad of one of our new investigator who was EXTREMELY evangelical who didn´t want to know anything. One thing led to another in the arguement but in the end we started to just speak about christ and he started to soften up. In the end my testimony of the Book of Mormon and missionary work was strengthened. It doesn´t matter what people may say and frankly I can care less about the lies that people will try to use to disprove the book of mormon but I know for a fact and without a doubt that the book of mormon is the word of god. I know that this is the only church on earth with power and authority to help others make sacred covenants that will eventually bring their own personal salvation and the salvation of their families and loved ones. I know that the calling we have as missionaries is great. It is the best choice I have ever made to serve a mission and it is the happiest time of my life. 

On thursday we also had interviews with president and I felt the spirit a ton. I felt a ton of animo to continue working as hard as I can. The easiest way to be a missionary is to just let everything go. Those who find their lives will lose them but if we lose ourselves in his service we will find our lives. My mission president goes home in July and i´m going to miss them a ton. 

In all...This week I have learned a lot about missionary work and how to help others. I know that this church is true and that christ loves those who teaches his gospel. He loves us more than we can imagine. Charity is truly the pure love of christ. It may hurt when they reject but I still love these people. 

We were able to find a new person to teach. His name is M├írtin and he´s a reference from a member.  We weren´t able to find our other investigators though. I´m greatful for the oportunity to take part in this wonderful super week. I hope all of you guys have an excelent week. 

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer 

Hey Dad :D

Things are going fantastic here. I´m doing great. It seems like I will have a pretty busy homecomming xD hahaha It´s better that way though. I´m with elder norton right now and he goes home this week. He´s so dead xD hahaha It´s funny that time has passed so fast but I guess life if like that. I´ve just got to take advantage of every moment and I think i´m doing a good job with that for now. :) My companion Elder Campopiano could be leaving this transfer and from what he and the zone leaders say, they think i might be training but I will tell you guys what will happen on sunday. :) I hope I train because it will help keep my mind focused and in missionary mode. 

I´m happy that everything is going well with planning the trip and everything. Durring the trip I will probably be in the back seat drinking mate and speaking in spanish the whole time and having you guys re-teach me english xD haha I love you dad. I hope that everything continues to go wonderfully in colorado. Have a good week. :D

Hola Hola Hola.

My week has been fantastic! :D I will write more details in a group letter so everyone can get a glimpse of the week of christ we did. :D It was really wonderful. 

I´m happy to hear that everything is all aranged for SUU. i´m sure that I will enjoy it a ton when i get there. If I re learn english by then. I´m happy to hear that my spelling is getting worse and worse. The only times i speak english is when I write you guys. So no wonder it´s so bad xD haha I haven´t recieved any packages yet but i´m sure it might come this Friday or Saturday. I will keep you informed. :) For Skype, president want us to do in on Sunday. I´m thinking about doing it This sunday the 8th at 7:30 PM Argentina time. With the time difference it will be about 4:30 PM for you guys. :) I Can´t wait to see you guys on sunday!!! :D 

You guys are killing me with the chain!!! I´m laughing that you guys are that anxious for me to come home xD Time is definately going fast. If I´m counting my pdays, after this one I only have 12 left. Elder Norton goes home this week. He IS SOOOOOOO TRUNKY!!!!! I hope I don´t get that trunky my last week. Oh well, we will see what happens. 

Oooooo I hated the DMV. I would imagine that working there is miserable. That´s probably why everyone is miserable. It´s always better when there is something fun to do afterward to lighten up the day. I laughed when I heard about your buffalo wild wings experience with the habanero peppers. :D It´s hot isn´t it? My last comp was mexican and he told me about how he and his mom would always eat habaneros plain. xD Mexicans are crazy!! No wonder 5 year olds get gastritis. I don´t know if I will be able to handle spicy food after being here so long. Argentines HATE food that is super spicy. They don´t even use black pepper becuase even that for them is too spicy. :) 

I hope you guys have a good week. Tell Brynn congrats on winning the art competition. I hope you guys are having fun with your little countdown chain. I´ll be home before you know it. ;) See you guys on Sunday! :D 

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

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