Letter #79

Hey Everybody.

This week has been pretty busy. We have 2 young men that are leaving to go on their mission this week. One is going to Chile and the other is going to Resistencia aregentina. It´s up north quite a ways. I´m going to miss them. They will do well on their missions though.  Pray for Elder Quintuqueo and Elder Lonc√≥n. :D 

Our baptisimal date fell through but we will place it again. Dates fall mostly because they don´t go to church but we will see what happens. Christina, our renter, is doing well. We taught the plan of salvation to her and she really liked it. We taught about baptisms for the dead and it was ver new doctrine for her. We invited her to pray and find out for herself. We will see how that went this week. 

Other than that, This week has been the usual. Knocking doors, talking with people, barking dogs, etc. :) I hope you all have a good week. I love you guys. :D

Con Amor
Elder Elmer

I´m doing splendid. This week has been allright. We´ve been busy that´s for sure. This week we had a huge farewell party for 2 YM in our ward. One of them leaves today to go to Chile and the other in going up north to resistencia argentina. It brought back memories of the farewell I had before I came. We have been getting them excited  to get out and serve. :D Looking at their mothers, I can see how hard it must be for them to see them go but it´s all for the best. :) Other than that, this week has just been the usual. Contacts, barking dogs, lunch with members, etc. :D 

I haven´t recieved the package yet. I probably will recieve it week 6 this transfer. When we have zone meetings they deliver the mail from comodoro to trelew. We had a zone meeting this week but nothing came...yet :D I will let you know when I get it. :D Something did come for me though from the office. I got my Release papers and I need to fill out a form for flight information and stuff like that. We call these the "trunky papers" :) I need to know the name of the stake and ward in colorado and what mission it is part of. If you can let me know asap that would be great :D 

It seems like you guys are enjoying the Snow days. I imagine that sounds pretty fun to just kick back, relax and watch movies all day. Down here the leaves are changing and falling off the trees. Winter is definately on it´s way. :) 

I kind of laughed when I saw bryn´s peacock hair. I´m happy to hear that all the little raskals are doing good. Tell talon good job with the streight As and Brynn good job with winning the art competition. And tell lyndon to continue being crazy xD haha 

I´m happy to hear that you guys are doing great. Have a good week muver dear. :D Thanks for all that you do :D 

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

p.s. Keep me informed about housing :D 
p.p.s I will send photos in my group letter of the dinosaur museum and other events :D 

Hey Dad. 

Thank you for the madrigal tribute. It brought back so many memories. I look back on that and I remember that I really can do anything that i set my mind to. I have no fear to go and do things becuase I know that I have the power to do them. This has given me great motivation to go and make miracles happen. Thanks for this dad. :D 

Con AMor
Elder Kolton Elmer

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