Letter #78
Hey Everybody :D

It´s been another fantastic week here in Trelew. 

Our investigators are doing fantastic. Our baptisimal date we have scheduled is Ariel. He´s had a really rough life but wants to make it better and change. I think he´s a bit nervous because he can´t read and he might be scared of what the other members may think but I´m sure when he goes he will be welcomed by all the members. :) Reuben is interesting. He talks a lot and he actually was a soccer player for 15 years of his life untill he lost his legs. I don´t know what happened to his legs though. I´ll probably learn that story later. He walks around just fine with his prosthetics though.

 This week we found lots of old people that were receptive to our message. We don´t know how much they will progress but we´ll see how the teaching goes. :) The owners of our pension were found by a miracle. Before I came to trelew, Elder Trost, my mtc comp, was living in a different apartment and they needed to look for a new one so they were out contacting and They found Cristina and Raul. Durring the contact she was about ready to reject them but then they asked about the apartment above and she totaly changed her mind, let them in, and arranged for them to come live there just a few days before the contract of the old one expired. It also turns out that Cristina was really sad just before they came becuase her son used to live above and then they moved somewhere else. She told us she had been praying that good people that could help her would come and live in the apartment. The next day was when they knocked on her door. She is truly being prepared by the lord and we are working diligently with them so that they can be baptized. :) They are our most likely candidates for baptism for the moment. :)

I love the people here in Trelew so much. It´s a feeling that I can´t describe. I guess that´s what charity is like. If we don´t have charity we are nothing. Nothing happens in the mission untill we lose ourselves and think more about others. It´s somthing that i´ve struggled with in the mission but that´s why the lord gives us weaknesses. He gives us weaknesses to make us strong. I know that he has made me strong in the work. It is his work and he loves us. Keep up the good work everybody. Have a good week.

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

p.s.  Old people are really hard to teach sometimes but they can be really nice. One is evangelical since birth so the book of mormon is something a bit new for her. Alderino, the other old guy, is the same but Catholic. There is just a huge variety of people that we find. haha The owners of our apartment went to a city called bariloche and they brought us back chocolates xP They are probably the best chocolates i´ve ever had. They also gave us Alfajores and they were to die for. This week we had lunch with them and they gave us Sorrentinos. They´re almost like raviolies. They cook really really good. :P This week has been pretty cool. It is usually cold in the night and mornings but when the sun comes out it gets nice and warm outside. I have a tan line in the middle of my kneck because of the white shirts i´ve been wearing for the past 20 months xD haha.  Today for pday we went to a dinosaur museum. It seems that here in Trelew they have the largest femur bone ever recorded so that was cool to see. Next week i´ll send photos. :) 
Hey Mom!! :D 

This week has been really nice. THIS WARD IS THE BOMB!!!. All the members have such strong testimonies. There are 2 families in our area that are super cool. The guerrero family and the veloso family. They are super cool. They feed us and just love the missionaries. They like to pass time with us in Pday so that´s super fun. you know how the chapels in the states have basketball courts? In argentina they have basketball/soccer courts and ping pong. Argentines play ping pong really well. xD haha 

For now I haven´t recieved the package yet. We have a zone meeting this week so maybe if it got to the office I might recieve it this week :) If not, in 2 or 3 more weeks we have another zone meeting. :) I´ll probably be getting it soon though. 

About the decision between SUU and Colorado. I have been praying and thinking about it this past week and I have the feeling that SUU would be the better option. With the doubled scholarship, I can´t help but notice that it almost seems like everything is falling into place for me and pointing to go to SUU. It feels like these are little miracles that are taking place. That´s kind of what i´m feeling right now. We will talk more about it on mother´s day ;) but for now I feel good about SUU :) Whew. Decisions decisions. xD haha

I can´t wait to see you guys on mothers day so we can talk about it a little more in depth. Time is just flying by and i´m still trying to hang on. i have learned many things in the mission for which I will be greatful to god forever. I hope you guys have a good week. :D 

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

p.s. Every sunday night the evangelicals are always doing their thing. :) They get loud sometimes but at least they finish at 9:00pm :) 

Hey Dad. 

Thanks for the letter and for telling me about the options for school. I´ve been thinking about it and praying this week and I´ve come to the conclusion that SUU would probably be the best decision for me. I was more specific in mom´s letter about all the details. In one of the other conference talks it mentioned that when we follow the spirit and are obedient, it can get to the point where what we feel is more certain that what we see in front of us. I´ve been trying to seek this council as well. :) I do know one thing for certain though. He does answer. :) We will talk more about that on mother´s day. Time is just flying by. I´m well focused...usually. haha but i´m doing well here. 

For pday today went to a dinosaur museum and saw some of the focils they had. It was really cool. I´ll send pictures next week. I left my camera in the apartment. For now, have a good week.

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

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