Letter #72

Hey Dad :D

This week has been good. We have been continuing to get better. On wednesday we had a devotional broadcasted to us from Buenos Aires and we got to listen to Elder Bednar teach us. It was broadcasted to all the missionaries in the south america south area which includes the countries of Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. This was a conference that I will never forget. It was really different how they ran the meeting. There was a ton of Q and A and Elder bednar was such a character xD hahaha It was super fun the way he taught us and we felt the spirit very strongly. Did you know that in this area contains 8% of all the missionaries in the world? Crazy right? As i´ve tried to apply what elder bednar taught us we have seen miracles and things are only getting better from here. :) We also have conference with president this week so I can´t wait for that as well. 

As for the weather. It has been really wierd lately. The days are getting shorter and it´s getting a bit cooler :) I think fall is on it´s way. I way prefer the cold than the heat so the weather has been getting pretty nice :) We are now in the middle of our 7 week transfer. I don´t like how it seems so long but hopefully it will be over shortly xD haha 

I´m glad that you guys are enjoying colorado. You need to take me to all these places you are telling me about. I´m sure you will though. Tell the missionaries and the members that I said Hi.

Hola :D This week has been really great. Fall is on the way and the weather is getting a little more cooler :) Luckily there hasn´t been any strong winds lately so we are enjoying that while it lasts :) 

On wednesday we had a conference with Elder Bednar broadcasted from buenos aires. :) Elder Bednar is such a character xD It wasn´t like any conference that i´ve ever seen before. There was lots of Q and A and it was super fun. I wrote more about this in dad´s letter :D 

I talked to president about notarizing the paperwork. There are places here where I can do it but it costs 300-600 pesos to do so and it isn´t even recognized as valid in the states. President told me to tell you guys to try and find some other options. Or Sister rogers also told me that she would sometimes forge the signature so you can always do that :) I don´t have the paper with me right now but next week I can sign it and scan it to you guys without the notary signature. I think that´s the only option I have here in Argentina. 

I´m happy to hear that the sibs are doing well and that brynn doesn´t have diabetis. Tell Talon good job for me. Before he knows it he will be an Eagle scout :D Tell lyndon that I still think she´s crazy. :D 

Last week grandma and grandpa sent me photos of the temple openhouse. Rember the photo they take at the end of the tour that they send to the email? They sent me that one :D 

That´s all for this week. We just have been doing lots of contacts and going out with the members to find less actives. :) I hope you guys have a good week. I love you guys :D

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

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