Letter #71

Hey MOM :D :D :D :D 

Your letter mademe laugh like CRAZY XD ahhahahaha Oh little lyndon so anxious to get ahead in the line xD That´s so funny. I´m happy that you guys enjoyed the wonderful skiing. WOW I´m so excited to have snow again the the season WHERE IT BELONGS XD ahahaha It´s kind of funny to think that when i get hope I will be leaving argentina in the middle of winter. I will come back for fall and winter will start again :) I way prefer the coldthan the heat so i´m excited about that :) This week wehad 100kmp winds with dirt in our faces and everything x( It was a very difficult day to work becuase NOBODY opens the door durring a comodoro dirt storm. From our pension we looked outside and it looked like there was fog everywhere but it was all the dirt. xD I´ve never taken as many showers as i´ve had this week xD haha it´s pretty cool now so it´s really beautiful :) As for our investigators, we haven´t been able to find them. One family was having their whole entire roof replaced. :O so they were staying in a different area of comodoro. They will be back this week though :) Ricardo and Elsa are nowhere to be found they are loosing interest so we are going to be very frank with them the next time we visit. Other than that we did plenty of contacts and visited lots of the members. Last sunday a lot of members left to go to the temple in Buenos Aires. so this sunday was very nice when they all bore their testimonies. In total we did 75 contacts and taught 14 lessons with members and other investigators in the contacts :D That´s pretty much all for this week. We are improving a lot and I love my companion :D We had a very interesting experience yesterday that I will tell you when I get back. I´ll just say that the sprit really protected us yesterday. That´s all for now. I´m sorry to hear about brynnon´s health I will keep her in my prayers. I hope you guys have had a very good week :D It seems like you guys are doing allright :D I love you all. 

Con amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

p.s. I haven´t been able to get to a notary republic or talk to president yet. I don´t even know if these exist here. I will try to find out the best I can but as for now I have no idea. 

This week we experienced a miracle as well. It has 2 parts. We wereinside our pension and I hada thought that we needed to go and pass by an older sister who has a sick daughter with special needs. We got there and the home teachers were there as well xD hahaha What a coincidence right? We got talking and an hermano said that the missionaries always are entitled to the companionship of the holy ghost so they know where they are needed most. It got me thinking about the idea that I had to leave and visit this family to give them a blessing. To me in that moment it was just a thought but in that moment I realized it was the spirit that told us to go :D That was part 1. Part 2 is a little more scary. As we were walking to the members house we turned down a street and my comp told us to change streets. There were 5 guys that looked at us and the one in the middle smiled very evily and the other had a bottle and was beating it against his hand. In short, they were looking for trouble. We changed streets and started walking to the members house. At the end when we were walking to the apartment we both started to feel very strange. It did not feel good. My comp started to feel the same thing and then we noticed 5 more guys looking at us. They weren´t taking their gaze off of us and it was very suspicious. They started to follow us. We went to the chapel and locked the gate and the door and said a quick prayer. After a few minutes the strange sensation departed and we got to our pension safely. I also started to sing a hymn and the evil feeling left compltetely and was replaced with wheat I knew was the spirit. I learned that day that the spirit has MANY functions and it helped us and protected us at the same time when we needed it most :) 

Hey Dad :D

I´m gald you guys had a great aniversary and thanks A TON for the photos. Oh my goodness you have no idea how trunky it made me xD hahaha I´m allright now though. Just refocusing :D That suprised methat monarch is pretty cheap. I can´t wait to go durring the winter :D We had a very productive week. We had 75 contacts 14 lessons and no new investigators. It´s been a pretty allright week. We are continueing to beat our goals and my comp and I are getting along without a problem. :D Things are going a okay here in argentina. There´s not really much else to say. just that the work is going good xD hahaha Thanks for your prayers. I am doing extremely well. :D I hope you guys have a great week. Good luck with work. I hope you adjust well to the new schedule :D Have a good week. :) 

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

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