Letter #68

Hey Mom :D

I´m doing well. This week we had a lot of activities. This week passed by like a lightning bolt or as the argentines say "Se pasó a las chapas" The family we are preparing for baptism needs to get married and obey the word of wisdom but other than that they accept everything :) On saturday our district leader and his comp had a baptism. His name is carlos and he´s a great guy. It was one of the most interesting baptisms i´ve ever seen. It took 3 elders and the bishop to baptize him. He is partially hemiplegic (paralized on the left or right side) So it must have been difficult for him. But in the end it turned out well. I´ve never stood in a baptisimal font yet or anything but I have played the piano for countless baptisms :D hahaha That´s sufficient for me. The spirit is just the same no matter who´s it is. :) I know that what we do is true and supported by him. He works with us and supports us in our tials. I´m happy to be apart of his work. 

I´m happy to hear that my sibs are allright :D I laughed so hard when you told me lyndon is scared of everything xD hahaha Tell lyndon that there are lots of Wolves.... um I mean Dogs here in argentina xD haha I hope you guys have a good snow day while I enjoy the warmth and the tans :D Have a good week Mom :D 

Chau Chau
Elder Kolton Elmer

p.s. All the other missionaries are Fanatics of BANG!! now. We usually get up to 7 people playing at a time :D 
p.s.s I also got a pretty good haircut. One of the elders from my zone is from Brazil and he cut it for me. His name is Elder Teixeira. (Tay-shera) Brazilians are Boss

Hola papá 

Things have been going allright with the work. We are preparing 1 family for baptism but the still need to get maried and obey the word of wisdom. Other than that they are really prepared. They´re a young couple from bolivia. They have 2 children. We have been trying to find others to teach but this week has been a bit complicated due to zone activities and limited time to work. It´s wierd to think that next week is the end of the transfer. When this transfer ends I will have 4 left.(6 months) Where does the time go? Last pday we played bang pretty much the whole time. The other missionaries LOVE IT!!!! I think it´s pretty cool that it´s in italian. Italian is a romantic language just like spanish so I can actually understand a few things. I can´t understand it all though. I will teach it to you guys when I get home ;) I´m glad things are going well at home and that you guys are enjoying the house. That´s pretty much all for this week. I hope you guys have a good one. See ya later

Con Amor
Elder Elmer

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