Letter #67

Hey  Mom :D

This week has been good. The work has really picked up. We now have a ton of people to pass by and visit. The highligh of this whole week was being able to see the Worldwide missionary training conference held by the quorum of the 12 for all the 75,000 missionaries serving worldwide. :D I´ve been trying to apply what i´ve learned and we are seeing miracles in our area. I know this church is true. I know if we obey what the prophet or the members of the 12 say then we will never fail :D It was a once in a lifetime experience :) Other than that we have been trying to find more people and teach lessons. :D We placed 2 baptisimal dates for a new family we have. THey are super nice and are from Bolivia. That´s pretty much all that´s happened here this week. We´ve been pretty busy with evything. I´m gettting tanned more and more everyday :D 

Oh, also the package came :D I was playing bang all day yesterday for our not so super pday :D DANG it was so much fun. THank you so much for sending it to me :D Thanks as well for the treats as well :) Makenzie´s package also got to me so I recieving the 2 packages made my day :D Have a good week muver dear :D

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

p.s. I´m glad to hear the talks and teaching went well :D I´m happy the advice helped.
p.p.s Nicki got her mission call. She´s going to England! :O

Hey Everybody. 

I hope you all enjoyed my little starwars pun I threw in. "In a mission far far away there were 2 missionaries and all their investigators left on vacation" We have had success however. This week we had a Tsunami in our area. The whole zone came over for 2 hours to work in our area to contact and find more people. We found so many new investigators and potentials. Miracles happen. They seem very interested in our message. We even placed a baptisimal date on a family that we found durring the activity. We are overcomming the vacation plague that normally sweeps the country this time of year. I´m going to keep this short. We have been having success and have been trying to work with our investigators (the ones that are still here) I hope winter gets here soon so more people will be in their houses and going back to school again. We are still in summer. It get´s pretty hot I hope you all have a good week for those of you who are in snowy areas.

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

Hey Guys.

People here go vacationing to other different parts of argentina. Some go to Rosario some to salta and others to different provinces. :) However in Tierra del Fuego flights outside the country are cheaper than those inside so they usually go to Columbia, Venezuela or peru. It´s pretty cool. I love you guys and hope you are loving the winter :) 

Con AMor
Elder Kolton Elmer

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