Letter #66

Hey Dad :D

It´s good to hear all is well with you :D This are going well here in our area. For confrences we talked a lot about faith and obedience so this week i´ve been working on those. There is a huge difference when we do the work with the right attitude and obey the rules. Throughout my mission it has been difficult to wake up at 6:30 but this week ive tried to pick that up again. I feel so much better and ready for the day when I study and do the things they way they should be done. I will keep it up :) 

With our investigators we are down to none because All of them went on vacation! :O We are stuck with contacting and asking for references but that is still good. We are working on finding the members that aren´t gone and the less actives :) We´ve had success so that makes me happy :D 

Dang!! I can´t wait to see pictures of the home theater. :D That seems super cool. I can´t wait to go skiing with you too when I get back :D I really want to come back to Ushuaia to go skiing as well. They´ve got some pretty good snow as well :D I saw the mountain when i was there. Here there aren´t so many mountains but there is the ocean so I get to see that everyday :) I´m happy everything has been going well. I hope you have a good week of work and play ;) 

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer
Hola mi querida mamá  :D

Hey mom. It´s been good here. I´m getting tired of summer though xD hahaha We´ve had a few days this week where it´s been overcast and cool. Those are the days I like the most here. When it rains it is super cold and I like that as well. :) I´m still jealous that you guys have all the snow. Oh well, I hope by mother´s day I will be able to enjoy it vicariously even though you may not like that so much. I´m glad to hear though that you are liking winter here. I can´t wait to breathe in that fresh air :D

Since it is summer here almost EVERYBODY is on vacation. So finding our investigators has been complicated a little bit. but we are working with less actives and the members that are not on vacation. :) I´ve had a few funny experiences while contacting this week. They mostly involve drunk people xD haha We were talking with this one guy and he was happy to hear from us. While we were talking outside 2 family members of his entered his house and they were...wasted. Later durring the conversation the girl comes out to listen and she looked at me and told me that I has pretty eyes xD hahaha When we were leaving she said "Chau Hermoso" or (bye handsome) xD It was pretty funny. We see a little bit of everything while contacting. That´s my funny story for the week. 

That seems fun what the sibs are up to. I hope lyndon enjoyed the owl pelets xD Tell brynn and dad to send me photos of the skiing there in colorado :D Maybe when I get back I will teach talon how to do the rubiks cube. :) I´m happy they are all doing well. 

About giving sacrament talks. I´ve overcome my fear in my mission. I now don´t feel scared at all to talk in front of people. My tip would be to take deep breaths and remain calm while talking. It´s almost like you are driving a car and you keep pushing in the gas pedal. Sometimes durring the talk you just need to take a second and step on the breaks and gain control. :) That´s my tip for you guys. It works pretty well. 

Overall this week has been one of miracles. We are contacting a lot but we are seeing the fruits of our labors. We have been gaining future investigators and hopefully we will have a few new people to teach :) Have a good week Mamá :D 

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

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