Letter #65

Hey Dad :D 

OF COURSE I WOULD HAVE GONE!!!! Skiing is skiing. It´s always worth the trip xD hahaha I hope brynn goes so you guys can take photos and send them to me ;) This week has been busy, no one was home but we were pretty busy xD We had interviews, zone conferences and all that good stuff. it was good as usual :D I love my mission president. We have just been getting used to ending the holiday season. Now I feel like we have so much work to do with everyone being finished with the holidays. There are a few people that are still on vacations so we have resorted to talking to the members and asking for references. And as usuall, we have our contacting in case everything falls. Things have been good lately though. I´m glad that everything in colorado is going well as well. Abasolo is still very HOT and I am getting tanned up. :) Nothing else has really happened this week so that´s kind of everything for now. I love you and hope that everything goes allright this comming week :D

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

Hola HOla Hola

This week has been good. No one was home but it was a good week. We have been working a lot so that´s been nice. The other elders had a baptism so I played for that. We also had interviews and zone conferences with our leaders so that has been pretty hectic. :) Yesterday we were contacting and a random guy invited us to come and eat an asado with them. Normally people here don´t do that so that was nice to talk with them and eat some good food. They gave us Chorizo, pollo and Cordero. Yesterday we also had a big lunch so by the end of the day I was soooooo stuffed :D 

It´s usually easy to tell if a companionship doesn´t get along. Luckily with all the companions i´ve had there has only been 1 that I didn´t get along with and now this companion that i didn´t get along with is my zone leader. Great!! Oh well. I don´t let it bug me too much. 

My companion Elder Lopez came from Rio Grande by bus. In every city the busses stop in a big terminal. Fun right? He is super cool and is from the provice of Buenos Aires. We get along without any problem whatsoever. That´s how all my comps have been in the mission. Time goes faster when you have fun and get along :D He taught me Spanish Sign Language, i´m reading in portugese and I speak spanish. Dang! I am like a sponge xD hahaha It´s always so much fun to learn new things. I can´t wait to teach talon. He will be the only student in the class that will speak lagit argentine castellano xD hahaha 

WOW it´s wierd to think that brynn is already driving :O :O It will be fun for her to "show me around" XD I can´t wait for that. :) I hope she doesn´t get too nervous. I was ready to get on the road but at the same time I was freaked out!! :O 

That will be cool to have a few pine trees with the new house :) I´m glad to hear that the debt is gone and that everythign has been going great. It will all settle down and turn out good in the end :) I laughed when you told me there´s lots of mud and dirt in our lifes right now. That´s been the past year and a half for me xD hahah There is mud and dirt EVERYWHERE: If the mud get´s bad there just think that in Comodoro Rivadavia there is a lot more xD haha 

Thanks for your testimony about recieving answers. I have learned as well especially in the mission field that there are no such things as cooincidences. There have been lots of times this week where I had the idea to go visit somebody and we arrived in their moment of need. Yesterday a brother told us that it has beena  while since he came to church and one day he just felt like something was missing. His inlaws were there and he still had this feeling. Later that day we decided to pass by them. We shared a scripture and he said that he felt his feeling go away and he knew that he needed to come. By small and simple things are brought about great things. I know he lives and that i am his servant here in the area of the world and I am greatful that of all the places that the lord could have sent me. He chose to send me here. I love you guys and hope you have a good week. :D 

Con AMor
Elder Kolton Elmer

p.s. To count down the days you should make one of those paper chains xD hahha Just an idea xD 

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