Letter #61

Hola Hola
How are you guys doing this week? :) I am doing really well. The work has been difficult because a lot of our investigators have left but... oh well. I don´t have control over that. xD haha People here in Argentina usually go up north or of you are in tierra del fuego they go to columbia, venezuela, etc. Flights inside argentina are more expensive than flights to go outside of the country. Interesing right? The holidays are always a fun time for the people here. It´s interesting gettting to celebrate christmas in a totaly different culture :) The wierdest part is that it´s warm outside and instead of seeing winter gear we go shopping and we see a huge summer blow out xD haha That´s christmas here in argentina.
It seems like you guys are getting so much snow in Colorado. I miss snow so much. It was cool when I was in ushuaia and it was snowing in june and july but I miss the snow in the proper time of the year xD haha
I´m glad to hear that you will be able to send the contact lenses. Maybe you could send me more hi chews or a few card games. The game BANG is really fun. If you can find that that would be awesome. But feel free to suprise me. I love suprises ;)
That is hilarious what is happening with Talon xD hahaha That´s the 12 13 year time kicking in. I remember when I was that age I got easily irritated as well xD Talon just cracks me up. He probably got more irritated becuase he doesn´t have his big brother playing the piano all the time as usual. xD Keep singing and playing mr. kruger´s christmas to bug him for me. >:) that will by my christmas gift to him xD haha
Ooooooo Don´t worry your secret is safe with me about the hot tub ;) I hope you guys enjoy it. Please send me pictures :)
That´s pretty much all for this week. I am doing well and I will try not to be tunky for this next week and a half. xD hahaha I love you guys and hope that you have a good week and holiday season. :D
Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

Hey dad :D
I guess you were right about all the sister missionaries going crazy xD haha I am seriously addicted to making alfajores now. I know for a fact that I have gotten "fatter" xD hahaha I haven´t weighed myself yet but i´m pretty sure I weigh about 85 90 Kg now. I think I might look a little more different this time we do skype. I also know for a fact that you guys will totaly make fun of my english when I get back. The only times now when I speak english is on pday. With my comp, the members, etc. I only speak spanish. By month 6 I already lost my form of speaking english. I don´t even want to know what it´s like now xD haha  
This week we didn´t do much. Most of the people leave to go on vacation so we have just been stuck with contacting. That´s ok though. I´ll get used to it. I can´t wait to see you guys in a week and a half as well for skype. That will be quite the experience to get to know a littlemore of the house and things like that xD I´ll see you guys later ;) 
Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

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