Letter #62

Hey Everybody

Fisrt off I would like to wish you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS or as they say here "Felices Fiestas Che" I can´t believe it´s christmas allready. It´s wierd having it in the middle of summer but it´s pretty fun at the same time. For christmas I am excited to look over the city and see all the fireworks. Here in argentina they light off fireworks for christmas. It almost feels like the 4th of july but in december. We are planning on passing christmas together with a member family from chile. They are super cool and they live up on the side of the mountain so we will be able to see the fireworks all the better. My equadorian companion and I are doing fantastic. Elder Cardenas is a boss or as the argentines say. "él es un Capo" 

On the 19th we had a zone activity and I had a very super spiritual experience I would like to tell you guys. In the activity we passed through downtown and we had a poster and we contacted to try and get people to write things that they are greatful for. It was interesting. a few people wrote on it but the majority just tried to ignore us. I was with another Elder named Elder Whitworth and he and i just got tired of being rejected so I thought. Let´s start singing. We both pulled out our hymnbooks and started to sing the christmas hymns and let me tell you, music is POWERFULL. The whole atitude of the people changed. Some stopped and listened to us and I could see that they were so happy and loved hearing us sing. One family asked us if they could take pictures with us so we let them and they loved it. Their kids also loved it as well :D The lord works in very small and simple ways and music is one of them. I´m glad that the lord was able to use our talents and gifts and that he gave us that opportunity to share. :D Keep sharing your gifts you guys you all have something unique about you. Don´t hesitate to share :D I love you all and you are in my prayers. 

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

HEY HEY HEY mother dear :D

I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU GUYS!!!! :D :D :D :D I can´t believe that it´s skyping time allready :D I tested my account and it is all ready :D The plan is we will skype the 25th at 7:00 argentina time or 4:00 your time :D I will see you guys there ;) ;) ;) Everything is going well here. We aren´t that much focused on having lots of lessons or contacts this week but we are going to be doing lots of service. We might go caroling again. Today there is a Brindis or a toast in the chapel today so we will be part of that and enjoy nice cold non-alchoholic sidra :D We have a bottle of this in our pension as well. My comp almost shot himself with the cork when he opened it xD hahaha 

Dang I wish there was snow down here. IT IS SO HOOOOOOOOOTTTT!!!!!!!! I´m going crazy 😭 I WANT MY SNOW BACK. Oh well I guess i´ll get it back for a short time while we skype ;) It is imposible for me not to be trunky this week xD I will be trunky and focused at the same time :) I don´t know how that´s going to work but I´ll figure it out xD

I´m glad to hear that brynn is loving the paino and is providing the music. :) Has she been trying anything out of my box? :D Tell talon that he really really needs to practice. Tell him that girls like a guy who can play piano. That usually works :) I´m happy to hear all is well with you guys. MERRY CHRISTMAS and I will see you this FRIDAY 😂

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

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