Letter #60


This week has been a really fun one. Our super pday turned out really really good. Our president got a chef to cook us an entire cow leg. It was by far one of the best things i´ve ever eaten Afterwards pretty much every missionary brought a dessert so by the end of it all we were just stuffed. Now all the hermanas (sister missionaries) are asking me for my alfajor recipe. hahaha 

The work for this week has been a bit harder. Normally everyone here in Argentina goes up north for vacations including our investigators so that makes it a bit...interesting. Oh well, we are just going to work hard at contacts this week. This week we also had conference with our mission president and our zone conference. I just love being a missionary. Even though it´s hard it is worth every sacrifice. :) I know this church is true and that this work is his. I hope you all have a great day and enjoy this holiday season. :D I would highly recommend the new christmas video the church made. I hope you all enjoy :D

Con Amor

Hey Mom :D 

In my group letter I mentioned a little bit about the super pday. What we ate would make you guys so jealous >:) We ate a HUGE cow leg and it was the best thing ever. About the dessert, Now i have like a million sister missionaries trying to get my recipe so they can make alfajores as well. xD hahaha I´m so glad that you taught me how to cook because it´s really been to great use in my mission xD hahaha My comp and I are so addicted to the recipe so now we make them every so often. 

About skype, Our mission president said we can skype on the 24th 25th or the 26th. We will be having our christmas activity with the other missionaries the 25th but I think we can try it in the afternoon. :) I don´t know the hour exactly so I´ll keep you informed.  

I think you could send me the contacts through the mail because the pharmacys in our area don´t carry contact lenses and the only way to get them is to go all the way downtown. I think sending them would be the better option. There is a member also who is an optomitrist so I will ask him to fix my glasses and see how that goes :) 

I hope that the move went well and that you guys had plenty of help. Enjoy the new House :D :D 

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

Hey Dad :D 

I´m glad everything went well with the move. :D It will be interesting for you guys getting used to a new area but I think you guys are used to it now :) It will be even more interesting ajusting for me comming from a new culture, different language and everything else. I try to speak english with other elders but it allways comes out in spanish or spanglish. It will be interesting xD hahaha You guys will probably be laughing for a good week watching me try to adjust back to english. xD  That sounds like a cool activity that the stake did. This week we had conference with president and we watched the church´s videos about christmas. There is a certain spirit with christmas and it just makes me feel happy without knowing why. :) I hope you guys enjoy that spirit this holiday season :) I love you guys and I am greatful for you. :D 

Have a good week in the new house :D

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

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