Letter #58

Hey Dad.

Things are going allright in this new area. it´s been a lot of adjustment but that´s a good thing. Other than that there really isn´t much else to say about this week. xD I was sick for a good part of the week so we couldn´t work as effectively as i´d hoped but i´m doing all better now. I´m just getting to know everyone and the area and things like that. The area is pretty dangerous but it´s really easy to avoid. :) other than that I don´t really have much to say for this week. 

I made some of those Alfajores and they turned out REALLY REALLY GOOD This week we made the recipe 3 separate times and have allready eaten them all so I think i´m going to gain some weight here in this area xD hahaha I hope everything continues to go well with you guys in colorado :D I love you and hope you had a good thanksgiving :D 

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

hola mamá :D 

I´m glad to hear that you guys are having fun. I am enjoying the TSO concert vicariously through you guys. I imagine that you all just had a blast :) I also hope that thanksgiving was good. This week we ate lots of chicken. It isn´t turkey but I guess that counts ;) xD haha We celebrated 2 birthdays and made alfajores in the pension so that was a blast. I think i´m going to be super fat by the time I leave this area because we´ve already made them 3 separate times this week and have already eaten them all. 

This transfer has been wierd so far. It´s wierd getting used to using the cell phone and being in charge but it´s allright I guess. I sometimes do and sometimes don´t like being senior comp but mostly it´s okay :) Elder Kirts only has 2 transfers left so he´s pretty trunky xD haha he´s been trunky his whole mission. Now my new comp is Elder Cardenas. He´s from Equador and he and I are best buds allready. The area is dangerous but it´s only dangerous when the person goes looking for it. Luckily as misionaries we don´t have to worry about looking for trouble and we´re protected so I know i´ll be fine. :) This week it rained a bit but mostly it´s been really warm. I much rather prefer the cold but oh well. The rain makes it nice because the dust and dirt settles down and if there´s wind it doesn´t blow in our faces so that´s pretty nice. :) 

The package got here quick!! The divinity was really melted by the end of the traveling but the pinoche is still good so that´s allright. Grandma and Grandpa also sent me a package that came this week so I am super excited about all the candy and sweets they sent me as well :D 

Aoub the perscription, the walmart is on the other side of the city now so I can´t go over there and get it sadly. I think it will be better if I try asking the pharmacys here if they have the perscription and if not I will tell you next week to send some :) I´ll let you know how that works. 

We are doing an activity here in the mission and I would like for you guys to acompany me in doing this :) We are having a 40 day fast. For 40 days you give up personal things such as things you may say or do. Things that impede you from feeling the spirit.  and in 1 of those days you do a fast from food and water. We are doing this to increase the baptisms in the mission and also to improve ourselves as well. I would really appreciate it if you not only fasted for the investigators and people here but also for the other missionaires and me becuase we_i need it more than you know :) The 40 days end on christmas eve. 

I hope you enjoy the little challenge and the colorado winter :D I can´t wait to be able to skype you guys. I hope the closing of the house and everything goes well. I love you,.

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer


November 23, 2015

Dear Elder’s and Sister’s                     
The question is, what can we do to have more guidance of the Lord to those who are prepared? I asked this question to my assistance and some of you.  The answers were different for each person. 
When thinking on this question in regards to what God has shown I would give a few examples. 
Nephi had a wonderful understanding.  He said I will go and do what the Lord commands. He then went and was led by the spirit not knowing beforehand.  (1Ne3:7, 1Ne4:6) Enos, motivated by the words of his father says “my soul hungered and I kneeled down before my Maker and I cried unto him in mighty prayer and supplication for mine soul and all the day long did I cry unto him; yea and when night came I did still raise my voice high to reach the heavens” (Enos 1:4). When Alma and the Sons of Mosiah reunite after 14 years as missionaries.  Their joy is compounded knowing how they found, converted and baptized.  They were still his brethren in the Lord now waxed strong in the knowledge of the truth; men of understanding who searched the scriptures diligently to know the word of God.  That was not all. “They had given themselves to much fasting and prayer; therefore they had the spirit of prophesy, spirit of revelation and taught with power and authority of God” (Alma 17:3-4). Jesus Christ was led by the spirt to the wilderness to fast and be tempted.  This is an interesting combination.  After His 40 day fast in preparation of His ministry He was tempted and purified. (Matt. 4:1-11)
I invite each of you to start a 40 day fast for the mission.  Each district will be asked to fast one day in this transfer. This will be in addition to fast Sunday. Your assigned day will be given to your district leader.  Also during this month make personal commitment to strict living of the schedule.
Being more obedient and putting off the natural man. It is important that when we fast we have a purpose.  Merely the going without food or water does not constitute a fast to the Lord.  There should be a purpose well understood and prayed for.  There should be a prayer to start and to end. In that prayer there should be stated clearly your desire and reason for your sacrifice of physical desires to a holier purpose. The reason for this 40 day mission fast is for more baptisms.
You may ask your family to pray or fast with you.  When praying ask by name for hearts to accept the message and be baptized.  Ask for miracles, ask for a change of attitude in yourself that you are not just planters of the seed but harvesters of the true in heart.  As well as other suggestions of showing personal sacrifice to receive more of Gods spirit such as giving up personal things, like part of your p-day, favorite candy from home, coke, ice cream, anything that shows your personal desire to sacrifice.

I know that God loves everybody.  He has people that are prepared in every area.  That is something that is true and will not change.  Maybe the method to find those that are prepared is going to be different every time.  With the help of the spirit I know that you can find the way to find them.
-Elder Hervey

If we want to have success as a mission, if we want a temple here in the Patagonia, if we want our brothers and sisters to enter into the church by means of baptism, WE HAVE TO ASK FOR IT IN PRAYER. How would our mission be if every mission spilt his or her heart out every night in prayer begging that He would grant to us success?  I think the Lord will listen to us.  I know that He will.
-Elder Figueroa

Attitude Attitude Attitude.
  If you do not have the expected results it does not mean that you are not doing well, perhaps you should improve or just try different things ...
  If a missionary baptizes more than another it does not mean that he or she is better, rather he or she probably did different things and did not stay in a rut.
  If you see that what you are doing does not give the expected results, do other things. Other methods. New techniques to give commitments. Other inspired questions, etc.

The great and eternal goal is to be with our Heavenly Father and loved ones in a glory of peace and happiness that we cannot understand at this time. It's something that if we could understand even a little we would do EVERYTHING possible to achieve this reward. The glorious part is that we can secure a place with the highest glory if we are baptized. We have found the cure of life and we need to share it. Teach so they know that they need baptism and the gospel.  We have hope…now allow them to have it as well.
-Elder Lamb  

Only through personal sacrifice can we be made more holy and worthy of His guidance in this work.    

Con amor,

Presidente Mark F. Rogers,
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Misión
'' Y he aquí que yo estoy con vosotros todos los días hasta el fin del mundo ''
"Él aqui, yo estoy con vosotros Todos los dias, Hasta el fin del mundo ''

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