Letter #54
Hey Everybody!

This week has been good. We had our interviews with president and those are always super awesome. I love my mission president. He is super helpful. We are starting to try a new contacting method. We are going to try to start testifying more and being direct with the people. Hopefully this helps our 3rd companion, the sprit, work with us. :D 

We did a few service projects. We had one as a zone and we cleaned up a neighborhood with the missionaris of the other zone as well. Something interesing though. Here in Comodoro after it rains sadly the sewer pipes overflow and guess where all that wonderful goodness goes? Yep, it runs down the streets. Sometimes it stops and makes a nasty pile up of garbage and weeds and it clogs run off drains. Yep, that`s what we were mainly cleaning in this service project. It was NASTY Luckily the item "clean a nasty poopy chute in a foreign country" is checked off of my list of things I will never do again xD hahah It was still fun though xD 

Our investigator Antonia is doing well. She has made good progress reading the book of mormon. What we are doing now is training the members so the will feel more prepared to acompany us on appointments. We have found another investigator named Lisandro and he is really excited about the lessons. He is about 10 years old and we got permission from his mom to teach him. He wants to be baptized as well. Every day we see miracles. Sometimes they are just the little personal changes I see in myself. I love these people here in "standard" and I hope they continue to accept us. In total we are going to try to place 5 baptisimal dates this week. I will let you all know how that goes :) I hope you are all happy helthy and well. I will keep you all in my prayers :) 

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

p.s. We are going into SPRING now. it`s probably a little different that you guys up north :D

Hola mi mamá :D 

This week has been good we had a cleaning service project and we also had our interviews with president. Things are going well with me and my companion. We made an oreo cheesecake this week and it was really really good. :D It got really overcooked but it still tasted good :D I will start wearing more sunscreen. I don`t think you would want the type of tan I have xD since we wear white shirts all day the tan line is halfway up my kneck. so whenever we have pday half my kneck is tan and half is white xD hahah funny right? 

Our new pension is really great we painted the walls white. We have a bidet in is so I really like that xD hahaha It`s wierd but so much fun at the exact same time xD Our new pension has a dog it`s just little and it`s scared of us. Especcially of my companion. He teases and scares the dog untill it pees xD haha It`s sad and funny at the exact same time. 

I really like what you said about love is what makes people listen. That is a new form of contacting we are going to start trying this week. If we have positive results we are going to write a report to president. The contacting form is all based upon testifying and showing your love for people as you testify to them of what you know is true. :) I feel that we will  have very positive results from this :) :) 

Halloween contumes sound like so much fun. I remember a year ago when I celebrated halloween with a family in puerto madryn. My trainer dressed up as a profet and I put all my clothes on backwards xD hahaha It`s hard to think that that was a whole year ago. Time is just going onward quicker and quicker :) I hope you guys have a good week. I love you guys so much and I hope all is goo with you at home. :D 

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

p,s, with all the warm weather me and Elder Jacobs, from brazil, go and get ice cream to take the edge off the warm weather :D I think i`m going to be leaving this area a little fatter xD hahaha 

hey mom there`s 1 thing I though about with the package :D could you send me a candy called Hi-Chews. They are really really good :D If you havent`sent the package yet. If you have allready you can always send it in a different one :D 

Hey Dad 

Things have been progressing a lot better in the area. The weather here has been getting better but the thing about comodoro is the weather is very unpredictable. One day it was super cloudy and freezing and the next was super sunny and warm. It has mostly been getting warmer though. I got fried this week. We did a service project as a zone to clean up a neighborhood by the chapel and I turned red as a tomatoe. :) Luckily the member we ate lunch with had an aloe vera plant and now i`m all back to normal. :) I should probably start wearing more sunscreen though :D 

My comp and I have gotten into cooking a lot and be prepared, this will make you jealous. I know how much you love cheesecake so we found a recipe and decieded to try it out. It got quite overcooked but it was still really really delicious. It was oreo flavored. I hope you can enjoy it vicariously with us xD We make other things too. Sometimes we make cakes, cookies, and meals in the pension. They are always super rico. :D 

We had interviews with president and he seemed pleased with how much I have matured and how i have almost lost my fear of contacting completely. Things are comming along really well. We have a few that are progressing. Sometimes the work schedule of the investigators makes it complicated but they are doing well. They just need to start comming to church :) All in all this week has been a good one and the next one will be even better. I hope all continues to go well in colorado. Thanks for the details about my room and pikes peak. I am a bit jealous about the concerts though ;) hahaha If muse is comming durring the spring I will be super jealous xD hahaha Have a good week.

Tu Hijo
Elder Kolton Elmer

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