Letter #53
Hey Everybody!!

This week has been really great. We have had lots of activities with the members. We did MMT (members missionary temple) and did divisions with the members that came to visit other less actives. The goal of our mission is to eventually have a temple here. This activity will help unite the members and the missionaries more to work towards this goal. The last activity we did was our "Dia de la madre"(mother`s day) activity. In Argentina mothers day is celebrated the 3rd sunday of October. I`m pretty sure they are the only country that celebrates this holiday in october. We helped cook a nice dinner for all the mothers in the ward. We ate something called Matambre al Pizza. It was really really good :D 

Other than the activities we have been really busy contacting. We found 8 new people that we could pass by and start teaching. Sadly our investigators haven`t been progresssing as well so hopefully out of these new investigators at least 1 will progress. 

My companion and I are loveing the new pension. We painted it ourselves and it is very nice compared to last one. Our last one was upstairs and was just 1 room mashed together with a kitchen and a small room for the bathroom. I didn`t mind the fact that it was small what really was the problem was our renter`s german sheperd that always would try to bite our feet as we climbed the stairs to enter in our pension. I kicked their dog my first day >:) muahaha The new one though doesn`t have any problems now we just are a little further from our area so we walk a lot more. I like walking so we are used to that. No car no bikes we are always on our feet. 

The people in our area are really nice. The members as well. We feel that our relationship with the members continues to get better. We will start asking them to come with us to lessons and help our investigators. We also have in mind to start english and I will probably start teaching piano classes to all those who want to come. That`s all for now I hope all is going well for you guys and I wish you luck in all you do. You are in my prayers. 

Con Amor, Com muito amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

Hey Dad

This week has been good. We have found lots of new people to teach and have been contacting a lot. I`m doing better with my comp. I`m learning patience and that`s what`s most important :) We have been adjusting a lot this week. We walk a lot more. Our last pension was old and crappy but it was in the most ideal location in our area. Now our new pension is really nice but a little further from everything. Oh well all the exercise is good for me :) Our new pension is fantastic. We have a bidet so i`ve been using that a lot. When i have my own house i`m going to be sure that it has a bidet as well xD hahaha We haven`t been doing much service but we did have lots of ward activities this week. here in Argentina the third sunday of october is mother`s day so everyone in the ward cooked a nice meal for the mothers. It was Matambre al pizza. Matambre is the belly cut of the cow and they boil it, take off the fat and put tomatoe sauce, cheese and oregano on top, just like a pizza. That was super delicious xP 

I sort of remember melanie. Was it melanie that got married in the logan temple? If it was I think I remember them. What a cooincidence? :D That`s funny that it was just out of the blue :) Send me photos of how the ouse is comming along. It sounds like everything is just being finalized now :) Enjoy the wonderfull colorado fall as I enjoy the nice argentine spring ;) I`m getting a nice tan as well. Sadly the tan line is in the middle of my neck because of the white shirts we wear xD hahaha Have a good week :D

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

Hola hola Hola

Things this week have been different adjusting to the difference of our new pension. Our old one was right in the middle of our area and close to everything but our new one is a lot further. We walk A LOT now xD haha oh well it`s good exercise and my legs are ripped now xD I will try resending the photos from last week. If you don`t get them Idk what else to do. The computers here don`t work all that great so i`ll try what I can. With my companion I am counting throughout the whole entire day but little by little it`s getting better and i`m learning to be very patient. I always thought I was a patient person, and I am, but now I have more through being tried :) 

About the scripture Moroni 10:32 I learned a lot from ponderizing it. As a missionary there are times where we give in a bit. Missionaries aren`t perfect and we all have our problems and dificulties as well. Thinking over the scriptures I remembered how many times that his grace has been sufficient for me. The mission is by far the hardest thing ever but through his grace and his help he makes us better and qualifies us for the work. This work would never have gone anywhere if his grace wasn`t sufficient for his servants. :) He does work with us and although sometimes we may not see it or accidentally overlook it. He is there with us as we work and teach.

That was fun to hear from the sibs last week. I wonder what brynn has up her sleeve this year. Send me pics :) Lots of the things that talon will learn in 7th and 8th grade will be through experience. He just needs to experiment and work. It will all be good in the end though. Lyndon...oh dear i can`t imagine how crazy she is now xD hahaha I have the feeling I just got a small glimpse in the letter xD 

That`s good to hear that the weather has been nice for you guys. I can`t wait to see what fall is like there. On the flipside...SPRING has been pretty good here xD hahaha We have had a few cold days but the majority has been really really beautiful. Not too cold and not too hot but perfect right in between :) The sun now sets at about 8:30 at night. Having so much sunlight helps keep the spirits up and it`s also good for the tan ;) xD haha 

So the plaque is in the ward in Colorado? I`m glad that the primary was able to make good use of my missionary plaque :) 

Dang you guys are just having so much fun without me. Piano guys fireside, owl city concerts; You guys are just Party Animals!!! I hope you guys continue having fun there in Colorado. I hope all is weel for you guys this week. I love you mom :D 

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

Hey mom. 

Another thing I forgot to mension in the letter for this week was that we celebrated mother`s day this week. I wanted to write you and wish you a happy argentine mothers day. Thanks for all that you have done for me. I love you so much :D 

Con todo el amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

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