Letter #52
Hola meu mai :D

Sadly the computers here just let me send 1 photo at a time. I will send the finished pension next week ;D This week has been HARD!! I seriously just wanted to strangle people this whole week. I know it doesn´t sound too happy but people here can be so thick headed. I´ll have to tell you guys the story when I get back. It´s a little long xD haha THe only important thing now is that we are all moved in and the whole chaos is settled down x) 

About the asado. I really really really want to cook it for you guys ;) I also have many other ideas of things that I want to cook for you all when I get home (ñoquis, canelones, empanadas, pastel de papa, polenta. Just to name a few) ;) ;) ;) ;) I made empanadas last transfer so i´ll attach 1 photo of them so you guys can see how they turned out :) I´ve learned so much about cooking here on the mission so I just can hardly wait to come home and show you guys all that I learned :) All it takes for asado is salt, fire, and time :) For seasoning they sometimes put on something called Chimi Churri. It´s a sauce that goes really well with meat and everyone has their own recipe of how they like it best :) I will show you guys when I get home ;) ;) ;) ;) 

I´m glad to hear that Talon liked the letter. Durring middle school It was hard but the time passes. Talon will be fine as he learnes who he really is :) That´s sad to hear about Bro. Bauer but WOW their family got to meet elder holand? Tell me more about that. WHat did he say? Clint is in a good place now. I hope their family is doing fine. Tell them that I wish them well. 

I would love to ponderize with you guys. Maybe you can send a scripture to me every week and in the next letter I can write about it and you can give me a new one and so on :) 

I hope all is well with you guys at home. Remember to have the kids write me :D I love hearing from them :) Have a good week. I love you mom

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

Hey Everyone!!!

THis week has been great in the patagonia. We mainly spent most of our time moving and changing apartments. These are the photos of the construction. I will take some fotos of the finished pension and send them to you all next week :D Moving was a huge bardo (Chaos) It was easily one of the most stressful and crazy things i have ever done. xD ahahaha Glad it´s over now. I hope I never have to do this again in my mission. 

Our investigators are really good. None of them are progressing but we will see what we can do. Sorry there´s not much to write about. Mainly we are trying to hold our area together and find just 1 person that will listen to us. Oh well, This next week will be better. 

For transfers I am still with the same comp in the same area. I´ll make this letter quick. Hopefully next week there will be more to write about. Have a good week everyone :D

Hey Dad

Comodoro has been great. I see my mission president just about every pday. The church where we have pday is the mission office. I talk to president rogers sometimes but usually he and the asistants and office workers are really busy :) I´m getting my patience back and it´s being made stronger. This last week I didn´t lose it on my comp but I was so ready to lose it on the office workers and both of our renters. It was a complete chaos moving but luckily it´s all better now. Comodoro has been allright. It´s getting a lot warmer because we are in spring now. With the warmer weather people are starting to be more friendly and receptive. It´s funny how those 2 correlate to each other. We are working with a few investigators but none are progressing. Hopefully this week changes :) 

I´m happy to hear that work is going great and you guys are having plenty of fun with concerts and everything. That sounds super fun. For sure you guys have to take me there :D I hope you guys continue liking colorado and before you guys know it i will see you there ;) haha Have a good week :D

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

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