Letter #49

Hey everybody. This week has been another good one. The mission here is changing. It just feels different. There is more excitement for the gospel and people are starting to be more receptive to our message. There has been more and more baptisms and there is just an overall good feeling here among the people. :) We are working hard as normal. We had 56 contacts this week along with 4 new investigators and 5 baptisimal dates. We are teaching 1 family and they seem very excited to get to know the chapel and the other members of the ward here in Comodoro. His truth is marching on!! :D I hope you all have a good week :D 

Com Muito Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

Hey Dad

This week has been super duper. The Baptisimal dates haven`t fallen through and it seems the whole mission has a different spirit than before. In my presidents letter he wrote about this. Aparently in Ushuaia they had one of the coldest winters in 20 years but they somehow got 14 baptisms or baptisimal dates I don`t remember very well but things are changing here and it`s wonderful. I`m getting along very well. I haven`t been getting up of time lately but I`m going to change that this week. All in all It has been a good week. :) BUSY BUSY BUSY that`s for sure. That`s good to hear that you guys got to have dinner with the bishop. What`s his name and how many kids are in his family? Tell him that I said Hi...well....Hola to him and his family. That`s all for this week. We`re just keeping busy here this week will continue to be busy i`m sure hahaha I hope all is well with you and work and everything else. And YES that article about the new roller coaster in cedar point did make me a little bit trunky xD It`s allright though I got the habbit down now to only being trunky for an hour and a half every pday. As soon as I get back you me and talon all have to go to Cedar Point again!!!! I think it would be fun for Talon to experience those types of tides they have at cedar point. I hope you guys have a good week. You`re in my prayers.

Con Amor
Elder kolton Elmer 

Hey Hey Hey Coloradians!!! xD haha

WOW this week has been great. Your letter just made my day xD I especially liked the part where you freaked out about my hair xD I meant to send 3 photos but since the computers can only send 2 photos at a time I blindly cut one photo out. By your reaction I guess i cut out the photo of my new haircut that I got xD hahaha I actually cut it about 3 weeks ago so you don`t have to worry about that now :) 

I`m glad to hear that the house is going well. I can`t wait to see it all once we get to Skype each other. You have to show me my Taurus with it`s colorado liscence plate and everything ;) 

Tell Aunt Gene and Uncle Steve and of course Grandma and Grandpa that I said Hi.

I`m happy to hear that this week has been better for you. Change is a process and i`m seeing it happen a lot here in the mission. It`s a process for our investigators as well. xD This week we found 4 new investigators!!!! They all seem very excited. Things have been changing here in the field. There is an enthusiasm that is starting to get poured out in the area. There are more baptisms more fechas and people are becoming more receptive to our message. The work is marching on!!!

Thanks about all of the Colorado information. The more you tell me the more and more I am excited to see and meet everyone!!! Wow it seems like there`s at least one spanish speaking missionary that I can talk to :) As for the portugese I can`t quite speak it yet but I can read it and understand about 85 percent of what it says. :D so I guess that`s progress xD I`ve started 2 nephi and the isaiah chapters are interesing xD haha 

About reporting in the old ward in Utah I want to do that and see everyone. The other missionaries that are from Utah in my group are kind of sad that I won`t be on the plane with them as they go home xD oh well. I will tell president when the trunky papers come and pass all of that info on to him so that I can fly into Colorado City. 

I love you guys mucho. I hope that this next week will be even better for you guys in Colorado. Tell everyone that I said Hi :D 

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

p.s. Tell the kids to write me so i can hear more about this homecomming dance :D   

p.s. Fun fact: In Argentina if you buy milk in a 1 liter carton you don`t need to refrigerate it. You can leave it in the heat of the sun and it won`t go bad and the expiration date lasts for almost 10 months!!! I REALLY don`t want to know what they do to it to treat it! xD

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