Letter #47

Okay here are the responses to the questions...

1.Yes, There were so many missionaries that went home this transfer. In conference we had 202 missionaries and now we are down to 176! :O There weren`t enough missionaries per area so president had to close down about 12 areas throughout the mission. Crazy Huh? 

2. The furthest part south our mission goes is in Puerto Williams. Puerto Williams is in Chile and the missionaries there have to chop their own wood to heat their pension. It`s closed right now due to winter but they will open in up in the summer. :) The areas that were closed are given and divided among the missionaries there now. They just redraw the baundaries for the areas. In Ushuaia I believe that my area was the only one closed :) 

3. Things have been.....wierd. He`s got social problems and at the same time he hates president, playes videogames on a psp and listens to headphones while contacting. Has my patience been tested? It`s tested 24/7 Luckily i`ve found that I have a lot of patience so that`s a good thing. :) I just try to focus on the good things about him. For example, he bakes really good cakes from scratch so I`m learning from him as well. :)

4. The members here do feed us. There are always those days sometimes where we have to cook on our own but as long as I eat Elder ELmer is a happy elder :) 

5. There is a walmart close to the mission headquarters but we always pass it on the bus to our area so we never really go. Maybe next pday we might. If it`s not to far from the chapel. There is a "gridos" close by so we sometimes go there and get ice cream :P

6. The temperature is about...I would say 60 degrees fareinheit. IDK exactly but it`s warming up and I`m getting some sun and at the same time getting the tan I had in Puerto Madryn. haha The wind though is what makes it colder.

7. Our 2 investigators getting baptized on the 19th are children of a less acive family in our ward. We work on reactivating and baptizing at the same time. WOoo! :D We also found 2 new investigators this week. They are about 20 years old and seen really interested in our message we have to share :D We`ll see what happens :) 

8. Luckily no, that dog hasn`t bit my feet yet. The dog did get a face full of foot my first day when we were trying to move my suitcases up the stairs :D haha Hopefully the owner didn`t see muahaha. On the mission I have really grown to not like dogs very much. If you guys want to get a dog it`s fine with me though. :)

WHEW!! That was a lot of answers :D This week has been very difficult because I just so happened to lose my first SD card with all my photos on it. :( I backed up the photos untill Tolhuin so I lost all my photos from Ushuaia and everything. I am so mad at myself for putting that stupid card in a place where I could get lost. The odds are it`s in the middle of the dessert somewhere now >:( I hope you guys have been saving the photos when I send them. Oh well. I`m sure that i`ll get over it soon enough. I`ll still try looking for it but the odds are that i won`t find it. 

I`m glad to hear that the kids had a good time at the temple :) I can`t wait to see this ward when I come home. They all seem like such nice people :D That`s crazy to hear about all that`s happening back in utah as well. I hope Clint is doing better. Thanks for telling me all about what`s been happening lately. :) Georgia? That`s exciting :) I will probably be flying into there in 1 year xD haha 

I hope you`re doing allright. It sounds like it`s been a rough week adjusting. It will al be allright. We`ll be fine. If the lord wants you guys there that`s good you are all there now and you guys have been obedient. Through obedience we will be blessed. The rest will come and be "added unto you" so to speak :) I hope you have a good week mom. It will be a wonderful area to live :) 

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer


p.p.s I have started reading the book of mormon in Portugués. I`m in 1 nephi 18 :) 

Hey Dad :D 
WOW It sounds like traveling to utah and back has been really taxing. Only 3 more week and that`s it :) That`s sort of what i`ve been thinking for the course of this transfer. 4 more weeks 4 more weeks. My comp is dificult but I`ve seen a lot of personal growth in me as i`ve been tried. The lord really humbles us and then lifts us up. We have had miracles in our area. When I arrived we had no members, very few investigators and not many that want to listen. But this week has been different. We have 3 news and have done 65 contacts and placed 1 baptisimal date. Things are getting better. I`ve just got to get my comp to stop using headphones, listening to enrique iglesias and bachata and other proibited music and have him stop playing video games and all  will be good. :) Hopefully I can help my comp get better. He`s the senior comp so this has helped me take more initiative and i`ve seen the blessing from that :) That`s all for now. I hope you have a good week and that you enjoy the letter I wrote to mom. 

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer 

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