Letter #46

Hey Everybody!!!
This has been a HUGE change. I got transfered from Ushuaia to the city of Comodoro Rivadavia. I left Ushuaia at 7 in the morning on tuesday and I arrived in comodoro on wednesday at about 10:00Am Yep that was a 26 hour bus ride or so through the chileno patagonia and the frontera of argentina. I was exhausted after that. Luckily the buses here are pretty comfortable to sleep in and everything. My new area is called Standard and it is about 15 minutes away by bus. My new companion is Elder Kirts from California. He is wierd but that`s allright. I`ve just been adjusting to the area trying to get to know all of the members and investigators. The weather here is insane. It`s pretty temperate but for the most of the time it is EXTREMELY windy and cold. Our mission president gives us safety goggles to wear to protect our eyes from the stong 100km winds. Sadly the glasses don`t protect the rest of our faces from getting sandblasted xD This is a really calm and nice area though. Although the people aren`t really receptive we are still contacting and working on finding new people to teach. 
We have 1 less active family and we are going to baptize their 2 sons on the 19th of septiembre so that will be good. We have a chapel in our area but yesterday we had a multistake conference and next week we have our own stake conference so I won`t see our normal chapel untill the end of week 3. 

I really don`t know what else to say about the area so if you guys have any questions don`t hesitate to ask. I haven`t taken many pictures yet but I will take some of the new pension and send them all to you guys next week along with pictures of our new area.  For now here are 2 pictures of a very sad missionary waving goodbye to Tierra Del Fuego. I hope all of you are having a good week. I`ll write you all later. 

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

Hey Mom, This week with the traveling has been very tiring xD. I was so happy when all the traveling was finally over. I was cooking on that hot bus. haha My new area is pretty tranquil. My area is about a 15 minute bus ride from the city so that`s nice :) I explained more about the area in the other email :) 

I`m doing good. Just working on adjusting and meeting all the members and investigators that we have. The people here aren`t too interested when we contact them but we have some nice people to teach :) My zone leader in Ushuaia is my district leader here and he is training a brazilian missionary. He`s super cool. At the same time I am also trying to learn a little portugues so I will probably be trilengual when I get home xD hahaha  My comp is.......wierd!! He has 18 months in the mission and his spanish is less than average. He likes to listen to trucho music and he is an interesting character. He likes being alone and his life was videogames before the mission. My patience has been tested but that`s a good thing. It will give me more patience :) He`s a good guy though. We made cakes allready and I can really see that he wants to help these people. I`ve jsut got to focus of these things more than the negative parts :) 

I sort of laughed when you said that you don`t have to yell at me to clean my room because guess what? my room is our whole pension xD hahaha Imagine a cube and squeeze a kitchen, desks, beds and a bathroom into it and that`s our pension. xD hahaha Our renter family is pretty nice. There is just one thing. We have to climb stairs to get to the door and under those stairs is their big german shepard. The owners didn`t put guards up so we have to be carful that this dog doesn`t stick his head out and try to eat our feet while we climb up the stairs xD. I took a video of the dog so I`ll show it to you guys when I get back XD haha 

We had conference with president and I feel so much better about things and the changes. I`m actually excited now to live in colorado. From what you told me, the people seem really awesome and I can`t wait to talk with that one guy in castellano :D Now i`m not mad or anything. I can`t wait to meet everyone when i get back :)

I will send photos of the area and our pension. I hope all is well with things at home. I like how the house is comming along :D It looks really great :) If you have any more questions about the new area and things please ask :D Have a good week you guys. I love you all :D 

Con AMor
Elder Kolton Elmer

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