Letter #41

This week has been good. If`s been FREEEEZZZINGGG :O :O One day it was 7 degrees below zero centigrade. I`ve grown accustomed to not being able to feel my face xD haha Our branch is doing well. This sunday we finally had good weather :D It wasn`t a complete blizzard so more people were able to come. As usual I play the piano. I don`t think a week has past in the mission where I didn`t play the piano. :) They sure keep me busy with music. 

I can`t wait to be able to translate for you guys xD hahaha You have to take me to that restauraunt when I get back. Argentines speak a dialect called Castellano or Rioplatense. I`ve bought a book called "Che Boludo" a gringo`s guide to understanding the argentines. :) I understand close to everything they say to me now xD haha I`m suprised how much Buenos Aires and New York have in common. The attitudes are pretty similar xD haha 

That`s funny to hear about the snake story. I wish I could have been there to translate for you guys.Dang it looks like I will be using my Castellano a lot when I get back. :D 

About pictures I have more than 1200 photos and my card is ready to fill up. That`s okay though. I`ve got another one to fill up now ;) ;) ;) Yep!!! It came!! :D :D :D :D :D :D Thanks so much for the package. It feels so good finally eating american candy. It`s one of the only things that makes me feel american here xD That peanut butter is being put good use now Px A member family gave me some Jam so I always make PB and Js :D 

I`m glad the new calling has been good for you. One of the reasons why i play is for that very reason. I just feel good while doing it. I guess that`s been the spirit all along :D 

I`m glad to hear that this week has been so fun for you guys. Tell everyone I said HI :D I LOVE YOU GUYS TOO. CHAU CHAU FAMILIA :D 

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

p.s. Did Brynnon show you guys the email I wrote entirely in spanish? :)

Hey Dad

This week has been allright. We tried passing by some of the people we contacted but we didn`t have much luck. My guess is either their doors froze shut from all the cold or it`s just the below zero temperatures outside. xD haha This week has probably been one of the coldest here that i`ve experienced. It`s the type of cold where it makes you loose sensation of well...everything. I`ve grown quite accustomed to not being able to feel my face so I`m doing allright now. :) All the darkness really messes with my mind. It makes getting up in the morning EXTREMELY hard. We haven`t been able to get up on time for the past week so that`s something we need to improve on. 

That`s good to hear that the family reunion was fun and going to pineview went well. Remember those few times we went out to pineview and the weather got really windy and foul? Those were fun times xD haha You need to get those kids skiing!! :) That`s cool that Grandma can still skii :D You need to send me photos of boating :D 

This week I got your guy`s package you sent!!! It finally came. It didn`t look like anything had been taken out of it so that`s good. It just took a lot of time to get here. Thank you guys so much for the package it feels good eating a PBand J sandwich after so long. With every bit I feel more american xD haha Have a good week Dad

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

p.s. Sadly i`m using the same computer so I won`t be able to send photos this week. Sorry about that I hope next week I will be able to send some. Thanks for your patience.

Hey Dad 

About the Mate. Mate is the traditional drink of Argentina. Mate is drunk from a hollow gourd with a speciall metal straw called a bombilla. You prepare mate by filling the gourd 2/3 of the way up with an herb called Yerba (sh-erba) Then you pour water that is close to boiling over the yerba. It`s very important that the water doesn`t boil or it ruins the flavor of the yerba. Finally you place the Bombilla inside the yerba. It`s perforated so it doesn`t let the herbs pass. It`s very bitter but some people place sugar with the herbs to curb the bitterness. This is called Mate Dulce. Without sugar it`s called Mate Amargo
I love it but i`m not exactly sure why we aren`t allowed to drink it. Maybe it`s because it`s something foreign and makes gringoes sick easily. I don`t know. but It`s perfectly fine to drink it after the mission. It`s not against the word of wisdom or anything. I really like it and I will put the mate cups I bought to good use. 

I was just sick for that night. The next day I felt better. The weird thing is I started feeling better right after I threw the rest of the mate out. 

Have a good week dad :D 

Con Amor
Elder Kolton ELmer

p.s. let me know if you have anymore questions about the mate or other cultural stuff :)

p.p.s.  We are working with our investigators we have now and we played soccer and I got CREAMED XD Gringoes sadly don`t play soccer all that well xD My companion finishes his mission this transfer and he will be going back to Nicaragua. I will also be completing a year so it`s crazy how fast the time passes by. That`s all for now. Have a good week Man!!

Elder Elmer

p.s. We watch the district but we just make fun of it because here in Argentina it`s A TOTALLY DIFFERENT STORY xD haha 

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