Letter #40

Sadly I have not seen any penguains yet. But i want to sooo bad. I`ve seen sea lions and lots of different types of birds but nothing else yet. Aparently there are lots of wolves in the forest but they keep their distance from the city. The brother loved the military stuff. He says you`re his hero xD hahaha He was searching trippler and all the other places on the internet when I showed him the stuff. He also showed me his uniforms he has collected. I have some photos of me in them but the computer i`m using won`t let me send them. I will send them next week. I wrote in mom`s letter about the southamerican soccer cup finals game that president gave us permission to watch. The Copa sudamerica is the equivalent to the superbowl in the states. It was Argentina vs Chile. 2 rivals and sadly Argentina lost in the goal shoot out. It was chile`s first win so i`m happy for them too. 

About aproaching people. I feel like I don`t have a clue what i`m doing but for some reason it goes well xD haha It still takes a lot of getting used to. That Italian family I told you about made us meatballs and potatoes this week and it was heavenly. Sadly those meatballs didn`t love me comming out. I got sick again but I`m allright now.. 

I`m glad to hear that grandpa saved the day with geting the boat ready. I had no idea how much i would help get it ready. That made me laugh a bit. With you talking about the boat it`s making me want to go xD hahaha You have no idea how tempting it is when I look outside the pension at the glassy clear ocean water in the bay. But then I remember that the water is only 1 or 2 degrees centigrade. It`s probably not a good idea to water skii in that but it`s still tempting xD haha

WOW!!! Primary pianist!!! Now mom has no excuse not to practice xD hahaha Good for her. I`m happy that there is more music once again in the home. 

I`m happy that lyndon had a nice birthday and that this week has been so much fun for you guys. Thanks for the letter. Next week I will send the photos of the lighthouse and everything. This next transfer I hit a year in the missison. Wierd Huh?? Before we know it i will be on a plane back home just like my companion xD hahaha He goes home in 7 weeks. Well, that`s all for now. I hope you have a good week . I love you dad.

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

p.s When I send photos I LOVE that you put them on my face book don`t stop doing that :D  

Hola Mi mamá

This week has been...okay. My companion and I have been really under the weather but we are feeling fine now. It sucks being sick on the mission. We did do some fun things this week though. On the 4th of july was the finals for the southamerican soccer cup and we got to watch Argentina and Chile battle it out. In the end Chile won. 2 of the missionaries watching were chilenoes so you could only imagine how they reacted when Chile won. Argeninta had so many opportunities to score but...oh well. it was 0-0 and they added 2 overtimes and in the end chile won the goal shoot out. I wasn`t too happy when argentina lost xD hahaha After the game the mena family made us hamburgers and pizza. The husband is the one who asked about the US military stuff from dad. He has a huge collection of uniforms from canada the states and other places. Let dad know that he is the hero of someone here in Argentina xD hahaha 

El Faro (the lighthouse) was really fun. All the missionaries from the zone in Rio Grande came down and I got to see some old friends in my last zone. Photos were a little difficult to take because it started snowing but I got some really nice ones. Sadly the computer i`m on wont let me send any. I`ll probably have to show them to you later. I have taken about 1200 photos so i`ve got A LOT. In our trip we saw more sea lions and other animals. it wasn`t much different than the time I went before in Rio Grande. 

Luckily the dog was small and didn`t do much damage. I wonder if the lady would have been upset if I`d have kicked her dog over her house xD

The weather is normal to me now. It`s just something I`m used to now. It`s been really fun having the seasons reversed but it still feels wierd at the same time. 

I`m glad to hear that you guys had such a good fourth of july. I wish I could have been there to celebrate it with you guys. 

Thanks mom for the letters I hope you and the fam have a good week to come. 

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

p.s. I think it would be safer not to send any scout stuff. It seems to risky.

Hey Everybody

This week has been great. We got permission from our president to watch the finals of the Copa Sudamerica (Southamerican soccer cup) In the end it was Argentina Vs. Chile The score was 0-0 double overtime and chile won the goal shoot out. Oh well... It`s a shame Argentina didn`t win but i`m happy that chile got their first victory. Hopefully Argentina does better next year. 

On a more spiritual note. last week we had 3 new investigators here in Ushuaia. Hopefully we will be able to find them this week and help them. One of them is studying english and when we contacted her house she and I had a good conversation in English. In the end we got a return visit and her dog ripped a hole in my pants trying to find out what an Elder Elmer tastes like. Hope all is well with you guys. Have a good week and enjoy the warmth. It`s the dead of winter here.

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

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