Letter #39

Hola Mi Mamá :D

I`m writing today (wed.) because for pday we went to the lighthouse again and celebrated the aniversary of the mission. 2 Years ago from TODAY July 1st this mission was organized and president rogers became leader here. I`m super happy to be in this part of the world in this moment of time :) We`ve been pretty busy. In dad`s letter I wrote about the numbers from this last week. We have been working hard. :) 

I don`t know if the package arived yet. The situation is pretty difficult because when the mail arives at Comodoro they have to load up a big bag for all the missionaries and the Zone leaders have to recieve it in a bus. The bus only comes to Ushuaia once every transfer or less. I asked sister Rogers last conference if they`ve recieved anything but she said they haven`t. Sorry about that. I wish the Correo worked a lot better here in Argentina. 

Did you try Duct taping the heck out of the package :D haha 

Ushuaia is a lot like alaska I guess. It`s dark a lot of the time and the sun doesn`t rise untill a little after 12:00 But It`s cool and I like it :) I`m not sure how it is in the summer becuase i`ve never experienced it but other missionaries have told me that it is light untill about 12 or 1 in the morning. Crazy Right!?!?!?  

I`m happy to hear all is well with everyone. O love you all and I hope you don`t all cook in all the heat xD hahaha Cuidense (Take care of yourselves) :) I hope you guys have a good week. Les amo muchísimo!! 

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

Hey Dad 

I`m doing great. We are once again wading up to our knees in the snow. It started snowing sunday and just barely today it stopped. So in all it snowed for about 4 days streight. I`m keeping warm though. It`s crazy to think that it`s so warm where you guys are at. Have any of the sibs said they wish it were cooler yet? If so you can send them down to ushuaia to really cool off xD haha It`s seriously been 2 years since Kauai? Time does go fast. Think about this, In a little over a month It will once again be August 13th, the day that I left for this crazy journey to the end of the world xD haha My companion, ELder Gutierrez goes home at the end of next transfer. Before I know it I will be in his shoes. :) 

It`s great to hear Talon is loving scout camp. I remember when I went on campouts with the 11 year olds once :) Good times Good times. 

The work has been good Last week we set a goal as a district to get 190 contacts and we got 184 in the end. My companion and I contacted 60 people this past week and found 3 new investigators. One of them came out and started talking to me in english then as she opened the door to go back inside her dog came out and decieded it wanted to know what a missionary tastes like. Yep, I got bit But luckily it didn`t break the skin or anything I kind of laughed in the end because I was more mad that it put a hole in my pants than the fact that it tried to bite me xD hahaha 

With souveniers I have an idea for you but idk if you want me to tell you or to be a suprise. It comes in a leather case and it`s pretty cool :) It`ll cost but it`s well worth it :) 

The reason why i`m writing on wed. is because we celebrated the aniversary of the mission on monday. We went to the lighthouse again. That was pretty fun to see the sea lions "Lobos Marinos" again. I will send pictures next week because I left the cord in the pension. That`s all about me for now. I`m doing well. Have a good week. I`ll for sure show the hermano the military stuff. Thanks again. 

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

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