Letter #38

Birthday celebrations last pday.  We had 3 challenges. 1) find a piece of gum in flour and be the first one to blow a bubble. 2) Discern the 3 flavors of the sandwich. I ate a chocolate, mayo and bubble gum sandwich. it`s actually not a bad combination. 3) Finally we had to open up an Alfajor and eat it before the other person. In the end our zone leaders gave us another alfajor to eat. Best Birthday EVER!!!

Hey dad 

This week has been really great. It`s been super wierd not seeing the sun for almost 5 days now. On the 21st the sun was only up for 2 and a half hours. It`s usually dark but that`s allright. We had conferences with presidente and those were great. I learned a lot about how I can improve my teaching and be a more friendly person xD hahaha I love this place. It`s a little stressful physically for me but i`ll eventually adapt. I`ve been thinking this week and I want to write you a letter for fathers day. I just want to write and tell you thank you for teaching me and also for the great memories. I for sure remember that 11 year old camping trip. There are MANY memories that I have that bring back joy. Thank you dad for all that you do for me and for the family. I love you. 

My companion is from Nicaragua and he told me a bit about Honduras. It seems like he`s going to enjoy his mission. I hope Nick has a good time on his mission. 

Here in Ushuaia we get a bit of seafood but it`s too expensive to eat in the restauraunts. I was walking by a restauraunt one day and did a double take and inside a tank they had HUGE king crabs that they pull out fresh to cook for the pations. Crazy right? It sounds like you guys had a great fathers day. The pulled pork and stuff is making my mouth water right now xD hahaha 

OH there is something else I need to tell you. Yesterday I met an italian family. They are members and they live in our area. This week I am going to go talk to them to see if i can learn to be Trilengual ;) I hope I can find a book of mormon in italian or something. I will let you know how this goes ;) Have a happy fathersday and a good week dad ;) 

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

p.s. share the different emails together. Sometimes I write more in the others.

p.p.s Could you guys put some money in my account. I`m going to buy souveniers for you guys here in Ushuaia. ask everyone what they would like and I will see if I can find it :)

Here are just some random photos of us just messing around in the snow XD

Hey mom. Could you send me some patches from the scout store so I can trade with an hermano here. I need you to send me 1 neckerchief and 2 or 3 patches :) Thanks Mom :D Oh and there is also another member who loves talking about military stuff so when I told him dad served in hawaii he wanted to know all about what group and regime and all that stuff his rank have him write me and tell me everything military xD haha Have a good week :)

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

Hola Muver dear

For my bday I explained what we did in the other email. I hope you like it ;) It was a blast. Another elder had a birthday this week so we did a competition. I`m glad to hear that you guys are doing well lately. I`ve never been to black bear diner. WHen I get back you have to take me ;) I`m now celebrating my birthday again vicariously through you guys xD hahaha 

Ooooo I`m sorry you had to get your skin burned. In my study of disabilities class I came to understand exactly how they feel. It`s important that we treat them with lots of love and just like any other person. There is an 18 year old in our branch that is disabled. He went up to the pulpit my first fast sunday here and he just smiled at everyone and his mom translated to us and he signed his testimony using SSL (spanish sign language) It was by far one of the most powerful testimonies i have ever heard. All he said was "I know that Jesus loves me. This is knowlege I have." I was balling xD haha 

I`m happy to hear that brynn enjoyed herself at youth conference. That seems like fun what they did. Tell her congrats for me. :) I hope lyndon does well with her surgery and everything. Send me more photos of you guys so I can see Talons party in the front. 

This week we had conference with president. I learned lots about the way I teach and what I need to improve. :) I love the mission. This week i haven`t seen the sun in a while. On the equinox the sun was only up for 2 and a half hours. It is dark and quite cold here. but luckily that doesn`t bother me too much :) I`m doing allright and keeping warm. :) I hope you guys enjoy the other photos I sent. ;) Tell me what you guys think ;) Sunday we were walking to church in another blizzard. I have a feeling that I should probably start getting used to that xD hahaha Someone gave us a ride so that was nice :) 

I hope all is well for this comming week. Keep me posted on everything. I love you guys. 

Con Amor 
Elder Kolton ELmer

p.s. sadly the mission hasn`t recieved the package you guys sent.

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