Letter #37

Thanks for the advice about the things going on here. I will try to teach the members more simple truths. 

That´s cool you guys went to that argentine restauraunt. I´m glad you guys liked the Alfajores. Now imagine getting them fresh baked out of a panaderia. MMMMmmmmmm There´s nothing better :P I can´t wait to cook for you guys all that i´ve learned here :) 

That´s cool about the experience with Harrison :) That really touched me. Also tell Our home teachers that I said hi as well :) 

This week we had that crazy snowstorm I told you guys about in my last letter. I was going to send pictures of the storm but the computer has a broken USB port so i can´t this week. I´ll be sure to send them the next though. I´m staying plenty warm here :) The members are always super nice and if we don´t have something they go out of their way to get it for us :) Most of the people i´ve met speak spanish. I have met a few people from Paraguay that speak Guarani, their native language. The other elders in our distric are teaching an italian guy so that´s pretty cool hear about. 

I didn´t get your package yet but I did get 2 last week from Makenzie :) I was going to send pictures of those but I gues you guys will just have to wait to see them :) 

I hope You have a good week Dad. Thanks again for the advice. 

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

Hola Mamá 

Thanks for "singing" to me xD haha I can´t believe that I will be turning 19 this friday. Yikes!! I feel old. It is really cool having a winterbirthday :) Next month I will be completing another year. 1 Year in the mission!!! :O :O Where on earth does the time go! My comp feels even older because next transfer he will be going back home to Nicaragua. Before I realize it I will be in his same shoes:O  "knock on wood" 

I´m glad you like the haircut. Just when you say you like my style with long hair I had to go and cut it. X( DANG IT  I sometimes wish I would have kept it longer. It would have kept my head a lot warmer yesterday when we were walking to church in a complete blizzard. It snowed 3 of the 7 days this week. I am always walking everywhere all bundled up. I will send some pictures of those. 

Anyway about the 2 packages that came last week... They weren´t from you guys ;) ;) They were from somebody else special ;D haha I hope the package that you guys sent comes soon though. I can´t wait!! :D (I will also show pictures of that as well) ;) 

I wish I would have been there to translate the conversation of the workers. I speak spanish now almost as good as I speak english. It continues improving because in my spare time that´s the only language I speak. :) 

I´m glad that you liked the story of the lady spanking her dogs xD I knew it would make you laugh xD When that was happening I just about died trying to hold in my laughter xD hahaha 

I´m happy to hear all is well with my sibs. Tell them all that I said "Hola, Cómo les van" :) 

This week has been a good one. Yesterday the president of the temple in Buenos Aires came and spoke to us. It was absolutely WONDERFUL. My personal feelings and meaning for the temple greatly increased. It seems that the lord knows how much I miss the temple while on the mission so he has used that to teach me more about it. He knows how much I miss it. The temple president also shared some experiences he´s had in the temple as well. As members of the church the temple is the ultimate challenge. It is our focus. We go there to prove the lord that we are willing to keep our covenants that we have made with him. We also go there to learn and we do that in 2 distinct ways. The two R´s of temple learning are Repetition and Revelation. I long for the day when I will be able to go to the temple again. 

I hope all is going well for you guys this comming week.  Thank you for the birthday wishes. I love you all.

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

p.s. There is a problem with the computer so I will have to send the pictures next week. Sorry about that. 

Yesterday (sunday) we ate lunch with a family. As we got to the entrance of the neighborhood I saw a car break and start doing 360s down the hill. That was crazy and I have never seen anything like that before. Driving to church, the same thing happened to us. All I have to say is DANG argentines know how to handle their cars well. We did a 360 going down the hill stopped safely drove the opposite direction and he flipped the car around again. That´s my crazy story for the week. 

Elder Elmer

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