Letter #36

WOW It looks like you guys are having a blast over there in Colorado. I remember all those trips you and I would do. Especially all the concerts as well. That U2 concert at Rice eccles stadium was a really fun one as well. It´s crazy to think back on everything. Those are some of my most favorite memories. I hope you and brynnon are having a BLAST!! I´m definately having a blast here at the "end of the world" Ushuaia is so beautiful. I will send you and mom pictures. There is a crap ton of snow and this week i heard it is supposed to snow for 3 days streight. I will be wading in snow up to my knees xD hahaha 

In my new area we walk... A LOT!!!! It takes about 1 hour to walk anywhere but hey, we enjoy all the beautiful scenery as well :)

I do miss Tolhuin a little bit but I just think to myself "hey, Tolhuin is only 1 hour away by bus." haha 
After a time I sort of got tired of a few things that are happening there. Just this first week in this area i´ve seen it happening again. It is one word and the very word that i absolutely abhor... Apostacy. I see it everywhere and it just never seems to quit. What advice would you give me when the members start opposing us? Do I say anything? Do I talk back? What should I do to combat it? Sorry if that was kind of negative. There are lots of good people here as well. I can´t wait to send you photos. I will send them in a big group letter to everyone. Have a good week dad

Con Amor
Elder Elmer

*This place, especially rio grande, is the number 1 flyfisher spot in the world.The panaderia in Tolhuin has pictures of 6 foot trout and the fisherman like none other.

*I met one of the members this week. We were talking and her dogs started barking like crazy so she took out a piece of cardboard and started spanking her dogs with a strip of cardboard. xD It was probably the funniest thing i´ve ever seen in my life!!!! xD I just thought I would share that with you guys xD haha

I am doing really well this week. This place certainly is a lot colder than Tolhuin but i´m doing fine xD haha I heard a weather report saying that it is supposed to snow for 3 days streight this week. Crazy right!!!! :D :D I´m just loving ushuaia. It is such a pretty place. It´s kind of nice having a winter birthday as well xD haha My area is really close to Monte Olivia. Everyday when we leave the pension I walk outside turn to the left, look up and there it is. :) some times we aren´t able to see all of it because the clouds cover the peak. 

I´m glad to hear the funeral was a really nice service. Sorry about grandpa´s grave though. That´s cool they put me on the list of the ballbearers. I was there in spirit :) 

in my new area we walk... A LOT!!!!!! My legs are dying xD hahaha there are so many steep hills to climb and we are litterally climbing mountains here :D We hang out a lot with the other elders. I met one of them in Puerto Madryn and he and I are good friends. My comp, Elder Gutierrez i haven´t met before now in the mission. He is from Nicaragua and he´s a huge jokester xD haha I can´t believe how much my spanish has improved. I talk to him just like I would with you guys. I would say now that the language is no longer a problem for me. My district leader I also met my first transfer in Puerto Madryn. His name is Elder De Costanora from Chile. His companion, Elder Foster was companions with Elder Lebaron when he was here so it seems like we are all family here. 

I got some good news this week that a package came to me. After cyber I´m going to head over to the chapel to see it :D 

I just love this place so much. All the missionaries the members and everyone else. I will keep you posted on anything fun that happens. Everypday we usually spend time together as a zone. 

I hope you have a good week Muver dear. I love you too :) 

Con AMor
Elder Kolton Elmer

Hey Everybody. What´s up? Last week I got transfered to a new area. I am now serving in Ushuaia right by Monte Olivia. Here are some pictures of how beautiful this place is. I am so happy to be able to live here and work here for the next 4 months. Our area is A LOT of walking we are about 1 hour away from everything and the streets are all stuper steep. Everyday we are pretty much climbing mountains. This comming week it´s possible that we will be wading in snow up to our knees. The forecast also said it may snow for 3 days streight. 

My new companion is Elder Gutierrez. He´s from Nicaragua and he love to joke around :D We are super great buddies. I can´t believe how much my spanish has improved. I´m greatful for the lord´s help with learning this language. Everyone else in our district I´ve known from other areas in the mission so we are all just one big happy family here at the end of the world :D I hope all of you enjoy these BEAUTIFUL photos of this area. 

Con Amor 
Elder Kolton Elmer

For a service we built a snowman. It´s kind of ugly but it was pretty fun. 

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