Letter #34

Hello Everyone

This week has been another good one in Tolhuin. Sad to say, this week will most likely be my last. I am being transfered to my third area next week. I don´t know where yet so I will keep you guys updated. 

Yesterday we spent time with one of the many less active families here in Tolhuin and they made us Argentine pizza. It was pretty good and I was stuffed by the end of it all. I played card games with their kids and learned how to play a card game called Truco. It is super confusing but I finally understand it now. 

Our investigator family is doing well. They are accepting the lessons and everything but it´s still a little difficult to get them to come to church. Hopefully they´ll come next sunday. This last sunday we had 6 people in the chapel. Including us and the leaders. I sure hope that next sunday is better. That´s all for now. I hope all is well with you guys and that you have a good week. Love you all. 

Con Amor
Elder Elmer

Hey Mom

Yesterday I wasn´t able to write because it was a holiday here in Argentina and our cyber was closed. This week has been really good. Sad to say, this week will most likely be my last here in Tolhuin. I am getting transfered to a new area next week. I´ll keep you guys updated on that. On sunday we got A TON of snow. Everything is covered in it and it looks really pretty. I´m in my own secluded winter wonderland xD haha Yesterday we had dinner with a less acive family and they taught me more how to play "Truco" It´s a card game here in Argentina they like to play. I will teach it to you guys later ;) We ate pizza and I learned more about argentine culture. :) 

I´m sorry to hear about Uncle Adrian. I know he is in a better place. Tell me all about the funeral. How was 
Lyndon´s talk? How are you guys holding up?

The closest I can get to the temple right now is thinking about times i´ve gone. Remember, I will be at the temple... in spirit at least. ;) 

This is all for now. The tall, skinny popsicle missionary is doing just fine xD haha Have a good trip to the temple and have a good week :) 

Con Amor y CariƱo
Elder Kolton Elmer

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