Letter #33

This week has been fantastic. This sunday however was even more special. Yesterday all the missionaries in Argentina were priveleged to see the broadcast of the dedication of the C√≥rdoba, Argentina temple. Elder Cristoferson and Elder Uchdorf were there with the area 70s. This was such a beautiful and touching experience for me. I feel so greatful that we are all apart of this great work, and I know that when temples are built that those on both sides of the veil rejoice. This work is hastening rapidly. Elder Cristoferson announced that there were about 20 more temples that are being planned out. The cordoba temple is the 145th temple built. This shows that we are definately living in the time talked about by prophets both ancient and modern when the lord will hasten his work. 

I am greatful for the temple and I am happy that this wonderful country has another one for the people to work and help those patiently waiting. I know that the gospel is true and i am honored to be a missionary in this mission. 

"The spirit of god like a fire is burning. The latter day glory begins to come forth. The visions and blessings of old are returning and angels are comming to visit the earth." This time is not too far distant. 

Con Amor 
Elder Kolton Elmer

There were only 2 days with clear skies. Even these 2 days only had a few hours of sunlight. The rest of the time it was all foggy and cloudy. I`ve never seen so much fog. I like it though :) It`s pretty cold and wet but luckily the part member family we are teaching the mom is crocheing me a scarf to wear. I love this family so much :) 

Elder Elmer

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