Letter #31

Hola Muver dear

I am so excited this week to write you as well. We are going to shoot for skyping at about 6 or 7 argentina time :D I will let you know if there are any changes. For skype I will just ask a member to borrow their computer and we´ll skype in the chapel. 

This week has been another good week. We found another investigator named Walter. He is really open to listening to us. We left him with the book of mormon and invited him to pray about it. We´ll see what happens next sunday when we go and visit him. Here in Tolhuin there is another less active family that always needs our help cutting firewood so every week we go over there and start chopping away. I´ve gotten really good at cutting with an ax. I´m getting stronger as well. :)

My companion Elder JEffords has 20 months in the mission. I know, crazy right?! haha 

Piano lessons are comming along really well. This week was a little wierd because the heated floor of the chapel stopped working and the owner is now looking for replacement parts. For lessons and church on sunday we were all bundled up. We were 12 this week. I am more and more greatful for all the blessings the lord has given me. I look back on life before the mission and I just think how EASY it was. I am proud to be serving here in Tolhuin. 

Here´s a quick weather report. IT STARTED SNOWING!!!!! :O :O :O The mountains are capped with it. and in the town it´s always lightly snowing. I am now wearing me thermals every day. It´s been quite chilly lately. Yesterday there was a lot of wind so that only added to the 0 degree chill factor. 

That´s good to hear that there is music in the home. You should play more often muver. That was funny what lyndon said xD hahaha 

I will send pictures for talon to put in his project. :D

¡OJO EH! Más les vale que no se Vayan a Lago Powell sin yo. xD (Hey, Don´t go to lake ´powell without me) 

Things are going well here. I cannot wait to see you guys durring skype this sunday. I will see you there ;D

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

p.s. Aside from the longer hair. I´ve changed a bit more xD hahaha 

p.p.s No I won´t cut my hair. IT¨S COLD HERE XD hahaha


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