Lesson #30

Hola Mi Mamá :D

Elder Jeffords is from Naampa. He lives really close to boise so he`s up north quite a ways. He likes playing card games and he`s introduced me to some new ones that are quite fun. :) We have lots of fun in Tolhuin, at the appropriate time of course. 

This week has been the BOMB!!!! Things all of a suddenly picked up. We places 3 baptisimal dates, had 25 contacts in our super small town, and our new Leader, Hermano Sielas, is helping us get things rolling here. We also found 4 new people that we can teach. This is no doubt a miracle. Last week I was so scared how things would work out this transfer because of the last time I was in charge of an area. I know the atonement enables us. At the times when this week got difficult, I felt my burden lightened and I recieved revelation on where to go what to do and what to say. I feel super good about how this last week went. I hope we have another week like this comming up. :D I wrote about this more in my journal. I have a feeling that reading my journal would make you guys cry xD hahaha It makes me do that xD 

With facebook... idk....I would say just to keep trying it. For christmas when I tried it. IT put me through a quiz thing to reactivate it. I hope that it can be saved :) Maybe I`ll try and see if I can work it out. 

That`s fun to hear about Adam. Lauri sent me a picture of him and his companion.  It`s good to hear that all is well with him in the mission. 

I would send pictures this week but this computer is dumb and won`t let my camera attach properly. I`ll send them next week. It has gotten FREEZING!!!!!!!!! A lot more than the last time I wrote. We wake up every morning and I looked outside and everything was covered in thick frost and the puddles were frozen. Sometimes it even gets a little humid here so the cold really cuts through. I`m going to buy some things to keep me a little warmer. I`m doing allright though. By now the leave are all changed in color. :D I wish you guys could see this. It`s so beautiful :D 

Ooooooooo.....That`s a hard decision of what I would like in my package. Send me Peanut Butter for sure! hmmmm...Could you send me some more ties? :) Probably 5 more would be good. Oh OH OH Send me another pendrive (32G) so that I can store all of my photos on it. And of course you have to send me candy P: I wany you to suprise me ;) ;) ;D 

AWWWWWW talon is such a sweet brother x) I just about cried when I read that. Tell him that if he has any questions about argentina he can ask me them. I`m living here now so I know a lot about argentina that I can tell him :) Send me a picture of the recital :D That`s good bynnon brought music back into the home. :) Waterfall is a tough piece. I`m glad to hear that she`s doing well with it. :) 
Maybe I`ve been growing lately :) I think i`m getting fatter xD hahaha Just kidding. I`m exercising in the morning so I`m keeping in shape. And walking almost 5 Kilometers a day does the trick as well. :) The dulce de leche and the alfajores are still addictiting. My hair is super long now. >:D hahaha I haven`t cut it in more than 3 months!!!! I`m combing it and keeping it looking nice though. xD 

I hope you all have a great week. I love you guys. Tell my sibs how much I love them. Have a good week!

Con Amor del misionero congelado xD haha
Elder Kolton Elmer

p.s.  Oh also this week we reached 7 degrees blow zero. Centigrade. :L Brrrrrrrrrrr

Hey Dad,

Thanks for the letter. This week has been FANTASTIC!!!! I wrote more about it in mom`s letter about the baptisimal dates and everything that happened this week. Things have changed with me. I have no idea how to describe them. The only way I can is by saying that the atonement has strengthened me and helped consecrate me to the work. We were so busy this week that there was no time for homesickness or thinking about girls or anything. Work really is the antidote for homesickness xD hahaha. It`s good to hear that everyone is doing well at home. 

The family that really loves me is called the Familia Salinas. They are from farmosa and the hermana is teaching me spanish and giving us food as well. She taught me how to make milanessa and Arroz con Leche. I`m learning so much from that family. 

THings are going weel in tolhuin. If things go as planned, we will have 3 baptisms this transfer. We also found 4 other people to teach. :) Tell everyone else in the ward Hi for me. 

Con AMor
ELder Kolton ELmer

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