Letter #29
Mi querido Padre

I`m out of time but I just wanted to say thank you for your letter. Although things have been rough lately, I know things will work out as they should. I definately am not the same person I was when I came out of the mission. I have been stretched, pulled, tried and exhausted but hey "if the winds shall become thine enemy and the very jaws of hell gape afer thee know that all of these things will give thee experience and shall be for thy good" Wish me luck with this week and keep me and my new companion in your prayers. I love you Dad. Wish me luck with being in charge of the area. 

Con Amor
Elder Elmer

Hola Mi Madre,

This week has been CRAZY. we`ve been so exhausted. It`s always like that on week 6 when we know one of us is leaving. Elder Penny is getting transfered to Trelew where he will be district leader, train, and be in a white washed area. White washes are when both the missionaries are taken out of an area. He`s definately going to be busy this transfer. As for me, I`m staying in tolhuin with my new companion, Elder Jeffords. He is from Idaho and he`s a super funny guy. I`ve only known him for less than an hour but I can tell that this transfer we are going to be busy busy busy. 

Tolhuin is going allright. We have the possibility of having 2 baptisms this transfer. There is an hermana here named Hermana Salinas. Her family LOVES me!!! xD hahaha She is teaching me and helping me with my spanish. I definately see a difference now that she`s helping me. I speak a lot more fluidly now. We wil be trying to baptize her husband and her sister this transfer. DANG!!! I`m so busy here. The stress is killing me xD hahaha. 

Other than that the weather has been interesting. The leaves have changed color and I can see why it`s called tierra del fuego now. All the trees are either dark orange or fire red. It looks so beautiful. I`ll send pictures next week. 

I`m a little scared now that the success of tolhuin is now in my hands. I guess I`ll just have to make it or break it this transfer. Oh my I hope the stress doesn`t kill me. Hopefully I`ll be able to do what the lord would have me do in tolhuin. That`s all I really have to say for this week. At this point anything goes. 

With mother`s day. We will be using the computers of the Amarilla family to skype in the chapel. That`s what my comp did for christmas with his companion. I`ll let you know more details when I recieve them. 

Con Amor
Elder kolton Elmer

Hola a Todos

Here`s just a very quick update of how transfers went this time. My last comp. Elder Penny is going to Trelew as Trainer and District Leader in an area where both the elders were transfered as well. I wish and hope the best for him. This transfer we have 1 gringo comming 10 Latinoes and 1 brazilian. I am now in charge of the area of Tolhuin with my new companion Elder Jeffords who is from Idaho. We have lots of work to do this transfer and it is very likely that we will have 2 baptisms. I hope all is well and warm for you all in the states. here it will soon start snowing and we will be in the dead of winter. I love you all and I hope you guys have a great week. I will send a mass email next week with pictures of Tierra Del Fuego among other "adventures" I`ve had this week. Till next week!

Con Amor a Todos
Elder Kolton Elmer

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