Letter #28

Hey Mom. Sorry it´s been a while since I wrote last. Things have been super wierd and busy these past few weeks. Last week we were trying to move a glass pane back into the shower and it shattered all over my comp. He´s allright though. We couldn´t write much that week. 

The week before that we had a super pday here in Tolhuin with an asado of Choripan. It was super delicious. We also played ultimate frizby. The weather is still pretty cold but not enough to snow quite yet. Before I know it everything will be white. 

Another transfer has gone by so fast and plus today I have 9 months completed in the mission. WHere does the time go? Elder Penny is leaving this transfer I´ll keep you posted on who my new comp is and everything. 

General conference was really good. I watched it in spanish for all 5 sessions. I understood everything that was said :D My spanish is almost like my english now. I hope my next companion is latino so I can perfect it more.

That´s all I have to say about tolhuin this week. Our zone leaders are comming down this week for divisions so that should be really fun. 

Dang! THat sounds like you and dad had a blast. except for the nude beach. YIKES!!! >.< 

How has everyone been doing? Sorry for the long space between letters. Have a good week mom :D I love you

Con AMor
ELder Kolton ELmer

Hey Dad. That´s sad to hear about Dave Godard. He was a great guy. I guess it was his time to go home. It will all work out in the end. 

THank you for this letter. This last week has easily been the most difficult of my mission. I was very close to just going back to the pension and packing my bags. I´m not going to lie. I was ready to give up. But thanks to revelation and the lord, i am going to continue all the way untill the end. I realized this week that there is a difference between weakness and sin. I have come to realize that I have more weaknesses that I can count but with the help of the lord. I can overcome these obstacles that so easily beset me. We´ll have so see how this week goes with handling my weaknesses. I know the lord will help me with this. This is my calling. THis is my mission and no thought of doubt nor uncertainty will keep me from doing what I have been sent here to do. I am being tried, tested, stretched and everything in between, but i know that everything will be for my good. The lord is preparing me for something. I´ve just got to be more humble with my weaknesses.

The scenery in Tolhuin has been really cool lately. We see our breath every day and before long everything will be white with snow. Later today we are going to go hiking up a mountain and take pictures. I´ll send those next week. 

We have been INSANELY BUSY this transfer. We only had 1 solid week in our area. All the rest of the time we have been in either Rio Grand or Ushuaia. It´s pretty safe to say that I know every town in tierra del fuego. I´ve been everywhere down here :) 

It makes me so happy to hear that you guys have had so much fun this week. i was so happy that y ou saw erin white. Tell her I said Hi as well. You know my friend Tasi? Erin is going to his mission!! :D :D It just makes me so happy to hear of all my friend going on missions. 

It´s crazy that I´ve been gone for 9 months today. Time goes by way too fast. I have a new companion comming next week and after that i will be in my 3rd area. There i will complete a year. I cannot believe that!!! Mom told me about on the plane you guys talked to a missionary comming home. Before I know it that will be me. :O I hope all is well with everyone this week. Tell everyone in the ward Hi for me. Especially Sister Godard tell her everything is allright. 

Con Todo el Amor que Tengo
ELder Kolton ELmer 

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