Letter #25

HOLA HOLA You`re favorite missionary is doing well. Things are going so great even though they are so stressful. We are SUPER DUPER BUSY this comming transfer. What I wrote in dad`s email was only the tip of the iceberg compared to what we have to do this week. 
The group in tolhuin has progressively been getting worse and worse with member apostacy and the austral branch we rely on. An hermano has recently seen all the corruption and member apostacy going on and we gave him a blessing of healing yesterday. I wrote about it in my journal. Mom, I want you to know that miracles are real. That is all I will say about what happened yesterday. 

our schedule is changing so now we have church at 9:30 so I think that will make it easier for people to come. 

Tell me all about San Martan when you get back. I`m so excited for you guys. I hope all is going well for you in Utah. Remember how much the lord loves you all. Miracles are happening here. I am changing and my self doubt is going away :D

Have a good week Mom
Elder Kolton Elmer

p.s. sorry, I ran out of time in cyber. I write more next week. 

Tolhuin is getting colder and colder by the week. THis morning we had some fog and it was humid and we could feel the cold in our lungs. I`m doing a okay now :D Cooking has been going great we now make meatloaf VERY often because it is really cheap and really good my companion especially likes it :) 


HOLA This week has been good. Tolhuin gets colder and colder by the day and we are starting to get more fog as well. I`m writing from Rio Grande right now and it`s even worse over here. Mostly because there`s more freezing wind. In tolhuin it`s not as bad. 

I`ve done quite a bit of traveling lately. These next few weeks are going to be HECTIC! We have zone meeting tomorow. Then we go back to Tolhuin then on thursday we come back for conferences with president. After that we all are going to go to ushuaia for district conference and other meetings. I`ll keep you posted but It`s pretty safe to say that I am extremely busy here. 

That`s good to hear about everyone. YOU SUSHI FREAKS!! :D haha I can`t wait to hear about Mat Kearney`s music when I get back. That sounds cool. Tell Talon congrats on his merit badge. That was one of the first ones I got as well. :D 

Everything is going good. Things are getting better with my self doubt and I`m finally starting to realize just what I can do here in Tolhuin. Have a great week Dad!

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

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