Letter #24

The sleeping bag Works like a charm :) Our pension has the heaters in the floors so it stayes at a nice comfortable temperatura. In Tolhuin it will roughly get to about -15 -20 degrees celceus. I hope that´s not too bad. It will start snowing this April. That was fun to hear about Lauri being so suprised at how far south I am xD hahaha. Tell them all Hi and I love them for me.

I sent the potos of the hike to mom´s email. If they didnt arrive I can send them again if you like.

To be honest about things in the Branch. We are in a crappy situation. There is member apostacy and this sunday. well...every sunday for the last Little while has been void of spirit. Only for the sacrament is when I feel it now. After that I can literally feel the contension between the members. I don´t know what will happen but I do know that we are going to have to drop the cane as low at it can go and get this place running the way a normal branch needs to go.

My comp and I get along just fine :D WE are still finding people to teach. It´s difficult but we´re trying. I can read spanish and understand everything said. I can write like a native as well. I just lack the speaking side of things. It has been getting better as I´ve tried to talk with others. It´s pretty safe to say that i´m fluent now. :)

I hope you have a good week dad. You´re in my prayers and I hope your migranes start getting better. I love you dad

Con Amor
Elder Kolton ELmer


It´s crazy. Not only has this week gone by fast, this whole transfer has gone by incredibly fast. pretty much half of the 18 missionaries in our zone left. :O It just seems like yesterday when I arrived in Tolhuin. My Pday is still monday. They cyber lately has been closed on monday so we´ve gotten permission from our zone leaders to write on tuesday if it doesn´t work on monday.

Basically my comp and I are branch presidents. Tolhuin is in a terrible place right now. I´ve never had to deal with more drama and member apostacy in my life. But, just like you said, it´s all a learning experience. Its a good thing that i´m a very patient person. WE have a super busy transfer ahead of us. WE have general conference, meetings meetings and guess what? More meetings xD haha BUSY BUSY BUSY:

This week I practiced with one of our investigators. Her name is Belén and she playes the guitar really well. WE are getting a musical number ready for the 15th of march. WE will be singing oh my father in spanish. I´m going to start teaching clases every friday at the chapel for piano. Especially belen because someone´s got to learn when im gone.

That made me laugh like crazy when you told me brady was at the wedding in cardboard form xD hahaha. That´s good to hear about Jesse. How´s he doing?

Where is San Martan? Tell me about the trip you guys have planned. If it´s spanish speaking I will tell you the basics of what you need to know to speak.

Our 2 investigators are Belén and Maxi. Belén´s husband is excommunicated but he´s working on comming back. That´s makes us really happy :) Their family is super duper nice. We love them all. We ate lunch the otherday and their 3 year old came up and took my plaque off my shirt and her father but it on her shirt xD haha I wish I would have had my camera with me. xD hahaha
Maxie is 18 and he is super duper. His parents are evangelical and don´t like us very much but. Maxie really wants to be baptized :)

I like the point you brought up. the question "Why?" As a missionary I think this same thing. Why.... Especially this last week. It was hard. The adversary has been working doublé time trying to get me to fall and give up. As ive relied on the atonement. I´ve noticed a tramendous change. I was contacting with our zone leaders for an activity and he would ask me "you got this house" and I would reply "um.....idk....." As I tried and tried to remember the atonement my answer changed to " Yes! Yes I will contact this house" I know that it was the lord making up for that we cannot do by ourselves. I am continuing to change more and more by the day. I can´t describe it. Remember when the question why comes up. Remember what christ did for each of us. He knows our pain and sorrow and he can help lift it off of our shoulders. I know this to be true. Keep pushing on and help others when they really need it. We are his hands. I love you mom and I hope you have a good week

Elder Kolton Elmer

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