Letter #23

No the atheist guy didn´t burn it down. Just some bad people in Trelew. Rio Grande and Trelew are REALLY FAR appart.

This week has been dificult. We are now solely relying on contacting. We have 2 investigators and they are doing well. We haven´t taught a lesson in a long time. It´s all just finding people and trying to work with all we can. We are going to get a branch started here. Here´s the catch, there´s no one who lives here who can be branch president so it seems that they are going to call an Elder to be branch president here. It looks like it will either be me or my next companion that will be called. Oh dear, This area is really stretching me and pushing me to my limits. In a way, It´s my own personal gethsemane. We have no idea how things will turn out. I´ll keep you posted. music is going well. We are starting piano lessons every friday at the chapel. Music like everything is just getting started here. 

Um...My hair was allready cut in the pictures I sent. Oh dear.........
It´s getting colder by the day and snow will soon be falling in April. I´m doing totaly fine though. Our pension is really warm. The coat as well is doing the trick. You don´t need to worry too much about me :) 

I talked to my comp about what i wrote and he agrees with you about how much time i have on the mission. hahaha muver is always right x)

AHHH I´m sorry to hear that dad has been having those migranes again. I´ll keep him in my prayers. I´m happy and sort of jealous you all went to simply sushi without me. I´m just here in tolhuin cooking everyday :D My cooking skills have gotten AMAZING since i´ve been here. OH OH OH here´s a funny story for this week. Yesterday I tried making dulce de leche again and it´s sufficient to say that we spent the rest of the day cleaning the mess I made in the pension. I was adding in the sugar to the 2 liters of milk and it SPILLED ALL OVER THE PLACE. I wish I would have taken a picture of the huge mess it made xD hahaha I´ll send you the recipe next week. 

Tell Brynnon to be careful at the stake dances. I´ve got my eye on her. ¡Ojo! xD hahaha

hahaha with all the sweets and dulce de leche we eat EVERYDAY. I allready feel myself getting fat. I weigh about 180 pounds now so....YIKES!!!!¡?¡?¡?¡'¿'¡?!¡?¿'

For now this is all I have to report. I will keep working at it. and keeping my shoulder to the wheel even though it is Heck as hard. This is not what I expected from this area. The cross is getting heavy. 

Con AMor
Elder Kolton ELmer
the soon to be popsicle missionary

p.s. does my hair realy look red? 

p.p.s we had a open chapel activity and no one came. Me and a really lazy elder went out and contacted. That was a terrible experience. and very awkward. WHen we got home my comp was angry with the elder I contacted with. Keep me in my prayers will you. We really need them.

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