Letter #22

Hey Mom!!! :D 

Just for your information.Today is the 23rd. I arrived into the mission field on September 23rd That´s exactly 6 months. xD hahaha I thought that was pretty funny xD hahaha. 

This week was good. We had divisions with our zone leaders this week and that was really fun. We did lots of service projects and at the same time i´m learning how construction works. Most people here just build their own homes. That was pretty cool and interesting to see. 

About food, There´s no such thing here as canned soup or macaroni and cheese unless you know how to make it from scratch. :) I have been able to find a few recipes ;D ;D one of our investigators is going to get me 2 recipe books of argentine desserts PX I made Dulce de Leche today and it tastes FANTASTICO!! We usually make hamburgers, hamburger soup, hawaiian haystacks, moco loco, pancakes among other concoctions. One of the elders who came up made us some peruvian food and it was really delicious. I´m learning sooooooo much about cooking it´s not even funny xD hahaha Recipes will be good. I´ve just got to "experiment" a little bit ;) 
I´ll probably see what I can do with sandwich stuff. :) Moco loco is extremely easy to make xD my comp had a gravy recipe

It´s always great hearing about life at home. Thanks for keeping me updated :D Let brynnon know how proud I am of her. Also tell talon that all the girls are after him because he is good looking. xD hahaha Take them as compliments. xD And lyndon........oh my.......Tell her to... uh... be a good girl and to keep being crazy xD hahhaha

Thank you for your advice on my shyness. An hermana in Puerto Madryn told me that the mission refines us. Although I have a shyness, when I am refined and by the end of the mission I will still be an introvert, but my fear will be gone. Tolhuin has proven to be a gethsemane at times. well....that´s the whole mission. i feel that I am now just barely begining to understand the atonement for me. Especially this week. I can feel the change. I can´t describe it but I am definately not even close to the same person I was before. I look forward to the more changes I can make. I´ve seen progression and miracles In ways that I cannot express. All the things in the mission have been very humbling for me. An arsonist burned down a chapel in Trelew. The Atheist guy. Everything is an opposition. I know this church is true. Despite all opposition, this work will go forth untill it has touched every continant sounded in every ear and been preached to everyone. We are just here giving peop´le the chance to realize what the atonement can do for them. 

That´s all the news I have for this week. Keep trying your best in all that you guys do. I love you both. Have a good week :D

Con todo el amor de mi alma
Elder Kolton Elmer

Traveling to Ushuaia from Tolhuin

Paso Garibaldi

Laguna Negra, Tolhuin Tierra del Fuego

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