Letter #21

Hola Feliz día de san valentin

This week has been really......in a word....interesting. We spent 4 days in Rio Grande with our district leader Elder Garcia and Elder Whitworth. We had a zone meeting and interviews with president this last week as well. We were on divisions with our zone leaders so I was with Elder Whitworth. There is a saying that return missionaries use in place of saying "Iserved a mission" They say "I sold Fire and life insurance" I didnt really understand what that meant but after this week I see what they mean by selling "fire" Elder Whitworth and I were teaching a lesson and durring the lesson someone walked in and started listening to us. As the spirit of the lesson was increasing and we were just about to talk about Joseph Smith. He interjected at a question Elder Whitworth made and before we knew it, we sold some heavy fire to an atheist. That was an.......interesting experiece. I´ll have to tell you about it when I get back home. Atheists are stupid but god loves them just as much. President helped give me advice to get me back on my feet after the experience. Rio Grande really proved to be a huge strengthening week for me. After all I was sort of thrown into the refiner´s fire. I´m less scared of people and my timidness is gradually going away. What do you think I can do to get rid of it even more?

That´s my adventure story for this week. It´s glad to hear that everything is going well at home. About the recipes.....I have no idea xD haha send me anything that is quick, easy and doesn´t cost very much. As a poor missionary we´ll eat anything xD haha just kidding. THere´s stores to buy stuff and a member of the ward happended to have extra boots that were my size so he gave them to me. They looked hardly used as well. :) They wont look like that when i´m through with them though xDhaha About the package, the chocolates were all solid when I got to them :) Not a scratch :D The york patty though was a little bit destroyed xD haha I got a kick about the cat on the front of the heart xD hahaha I´ve got a little bit of bad news. I lost my ortho retainers. I remember putting them in my bag at puerto madryn but I guess i was mistaken. Could you send me another pair? Sorry about that. 

That story with dad´s jacket was HILARIOUS xD hahaha thanks for sharing that xD  President is AMAZING. I also love how plainly he talks to us. "my soul delighteth in plainness" :) I don´t want to burn my ties. As a missionary that´s the only thing that gives variety to the plain white shirts and slacks xD hahaha The 18 month mark is burning a suit and there´s no way I´m going to do that :) Tasi isdoing great. His experiences are always realy good tohear. Tolhuin is a really challenging area. I´m comming to realize that the church is not organized and run as it should be. People don´t take initiative so it´s pretty much up to us. We are truly the face of the church right now :O Wedon´t even have a branch president. Actually...we aren´t even really recognized as a branch yet. I´ve got lots to learn. Yes, they have a keyboard xD haha No one knows how to sing though. I will probably end up teaching lessons and running the choir hear if we can get it started first. :) 

For Pday we went to a place called Laguna Negra. It was SOOOOOO beautiful xD it made my comp pretty tunky though because it´s a lotlike canada here xD Awww thanks muver dear x) I love you too. I hope everything is going well with dad´s work and at home. I love you all so much. I´m not the same person as i left. Every day is a refiner´s fire and there´s always something to learn and perfect. Have a fantastic week you guys. 

Elder Kolton Elmer

p.s.This is only the start of my 6 month mark xD I only have 5 done xD haha

Hey dad. Everything is going good. Sorry I can´t send pictures this week. Our usual...only..cyber here was closed so I couldn´t send them We went on a hike yesterday and it was GORGEOUS. it snowedin the mountains so they were all snowcapped in the pictures. I´m out of time so i´ll write you more next week. It´s difficultto find ingredientsfor the asian food but I will try looking around. I wrote more in the letter to mom about this week. Happy Valentines day!! :D

Elder Kolton Elmer

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