Letter #20

Hey mom!!! This week was...allright. The next one will be better though. The best part of this week was when we went to Ushuaia. OH.....MY...HECK Ushuaia is absolutely gorgeous. We were surrounded by mountains and we rode on a bus all the way through them. The hymn all creatures of our god and king is comming to mind. This is the beautiful part of the patagonia. The rest of it is all.....eh. Flat and desert. I would send pictures this week but the cyper where i`m at has super crappy internet. I really wish you could have been there to see how beautiful this place is. x) The seventy talked to us a lot about repentance and the atonement and my testimony of them only continues to grow. This week we have interviews and zone conference with president so my companion and I are staying in Rio Grande. We`ll get back to tolhuin on Thursday. :) It`s only an hour and a half by bus to get to Tolhuin from here.

My companion`s name is Elder Penny. He is super duper. We get along really really well. He doesn`t say ehh alot xD haha he does that when he`s making fun of the accent xD He pretty much speaks spanish like a porteño (people from buenos aires) he`s been a great help to me with the language so far. I`m slowly overcomming my shyness. Elder Penny and I cook every day in the pension. It`s not like puerto madryn where the members can feed you on a set schedule. Every day we go to the anonima (it`s like walmart in the US) to buy food and we cook it. We`ve made hawaiian haystacks, hamburger soup, and Moco Loco Px I introduced elder penny to hawaiian comfort food xD haha 

Contacting is really stressing me out. This week was really hard for us. I almost have my shyness gone now.  If every member here was active we would have at least 2 temples down here allready. There are more less actives than active members. The results would be absolutely crazy.

On a more happy note. The Package Came!!! :D My district leader just needs to give it to me now. :) I`ll open it when I get back to the pension ;) here i`m doing really well with the climate. I love the cold weather and it doesn`t bother me very much. This morning when we left for rio grande, I could see my breath outside. It turns out that I will be in Tolhuin for the winter so I will at least get some snow in April :) I`ll let you know and keep you updated on how i`m doing :) The pension is always warm and that`s nice. We have heated floors.

TELL DAD HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR ME!!! :D :D HAPPY ANIVERSARY FOR THE TWO OF YOU AS WELL :D I`m glad that I was born into your family. I don`t know where I would be without you guys. I love you all so much. Families mean the world to me now. In all my areas it was suprising to me to know that no one really gets married. They live together, have a family together, and live together without being married. This really makes me wonder and think. I see the broken families and I think of how sad that is. I know that marrage is ordained of god. it truly is. Without marriage the famiily is nothing. I love you all so much. Tell me about what you guys do for this comming month. ;) 

Hahahahaha Oh bynn......someday she`ll understand x) hahaha

Thanks for all the experiences you shared this week. You have no idea how happy it makes me :) :) I really miss the temple. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. I hope you all have a good week as well. Hugs and kisses for everyone. Feliz día de san valentin. Les quiero muchísimo. 

Con todo el amor en el mundo.
Elder Kolton Elmer

I`m not too jealous of simply sushi. I`ll think of you guys when i`m eating asado P:

Hey Dad :D

Happy Birthday :D :D I wish I could be there to celebrate it with you. I will be there in spirit. 

Tolhuin has been a really great change. It`s also really stretching my limits too. In our little branch there are only about 4 mechizadek priestood holders. including us missionaries. I wrote a little more about tolhuin in the letter to mom. I wish I could send pictures this week but the computer i`m using has crappy internet. Oh well. i`ll send them next week. We went to Ushuaia and seeing all the mountains and forest is sooooo beautiful. You would not believe how much I love it here. Although it is extremely difficult to find people to teach and the lies spread faster than truths, I just need to keep pushing on. I`m not going to lie. This area is hard and there are days where I just want to stay in the pension.  I hope that this comming week will be a lot better. 

On a happier note. The food is really good. We cook everyday ourselves. In puerto madryn we had a schedule but now. it`s pretty much whatever we know how to make, we make it. I made moco loco this week so that was pretty delicious :) Tolhuin has gotten pretty cilly and cold. This morning I could see my breath and feel my fingers going a little numb. It doen`t bother me though. I love the cold weather. All the houses are made out of wood so it sometimes feel like I`m at heber valley camp with all the cabins and such. It is definately different than all the citiy in puerto madryn. here it`s all country. Elder Penny is a fantastic companion and he has helped me a lot with my spanish he pretty much speaks like a native. All is good here in tolhuin. I`ll send you more pictures next week. We`ll get back there on thursday. We have conferences as a zone and interviews with president this week. Whew....we`re keeping really busy here. I`ll let you know how things are going here. Have a good week, aniversary, birthday.......wow febuary really is a party month xD 

Con Amor 
Elder Kolton Elmer

p.s. Remember when I called in the airport and I had another elder traveling with me talk to mom? That`s Elder Clark and he is here with me in rio grande. He`s from Draper and he`s one of the best friends of mine here on the mission.

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