Letter #19

Hola Familia!!

WHEW!!!! I was sooooo happy when that bus ride was finally OVER!! :O The first part from Puerto Madryn to Rio Gallegos was actually really comfortable. The bus seats recline almost all the way back so I was really comfy. They even feed you breakfast, lunch, dinner, and merienda (snack) It´s just like they do on the airplanes :) The horible part of the busride was going through chile. Oh my freak customs and all that was terrible. I was about ready to strangle something by the end of everything. The frontera from chile to the island was as absolutely NOTHING as far as the eye can see. There was no trees no rivers no homes no cities. Wide open space of just NOTHING. The only fun part was when we rode the ferry across to Tierra del Fuego. I´ll attach those photos for you guys ;) just to warn you thought. The wind was really blowing hard so my hair is a GYNORMOUS mess. 

When we arrived to Rio Grande we spent the night with our district leader Elder Garcia and his companion Elder Whitworth. They are super great. The next morning we took a bus to Tolhuin. The first 30 min. there´s nothing. but near the end of the journey you find the tree line. Then all of a sudden you see mountains and rivers and youré in the middle of a forrest. :D This is by far my most favorite area so far!!!! :D It is sooooo beautiful. The weather here is pretty windy and my the end of the day i can´t feel my fingers so it´s just perfect for me xD haha This is only late summer here. I´ll probably buy some boots and stuff to keep warm when the snow starts to fall in April. Till then, I am keeping really warm :) Everything is so cool and the mountain air makes it even better. I sort of feel like i´m at scout camp a little bit xD. There are about 22 active members in our branch and we are the only missionaries here in Tolhuin. The whole town in our area. Although this area now has it´s new difficulties and challenges I´ll just have to keep treading water and hope that I don´t drown xD hahaha We´ll see what happens. In our area we are cooking in our pension every day so I need you to send me some more recipies ;) We made Moco Loco today so that was really delicious :) My comp is FANTASTIC we both speak english so that makes things so much easier. President must trust us A LOT to have us running the church in this little town. I really want to find out why president  chose to send me to Tolhuin. :) Next time for interviews i´ll ask him. 

We have a member of the 70 comming to our area and we are all going to meet this comming saturday in USHUAIA!! :D :D I´ll send you pictures of all the mountains ;) I really wish  you all could be here to see how beautiful this place is. Sometimes when we are waiting for lessons we go exploring in the forrest. There is just soooo much to talk about and it´s so hard to write about everything. Send me questions so i can tell you all more specifically about tolhuin :D

We are all on our own for pday. For today we pretty much just stayed in the pension. Otherdays we will hike and go fishing with one of the members of our branch :D I´ll keep you all posted ;) For now this is all I really can describe about Tolhuin :) I am absolutely certain I WILL cry when I leave this area xD haha

Thanks for keeping me posted on all the news at home. I´m glad all my sibs are doing well. Thanks for telling me about braedon as well Mom. That was good to hear :D

I hope you all have a good week. I´ll send more photos to you guys 

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer


I´m doing super duper here!!!! :D This is by far my most favorite area yet!! I hope you guys enjoy the pictures :) We have a few people we can teach. Some of it is just reactivation here. In a few ways I feel president banished me to oblivion xD haha because we are the ONLY comopanionship here. It is also true that President would never ever send a lazy missionary here. Basically in this area, we are the ones running the church. We have the branch president help us but other than that. We are responsible for everything that happens here in Tolhuin. Sometimes we will go to Rio Grande for District meetings and such but other than that, i´m right here in my own little slice of mountounous and forrested heaven. :D This area is definately going to stretch me in every way possible. I feel president is preparing me for something bigger here in the future. I am definately a little stressed with having so much responsibility here but 1 nephi 3:7 tells us that the lord doesn´t give us anything that we are not able to do. I guess the lord really trusts me enough to send me here as well. 

How´s work going? Thanks for keeping me posted about you guys at home. How was the superbowl? Who won? Let me know if you have any more questions about the area or how things are going. I love you dad. Thanks for the example you set for me. Have a great week

Tu Hijo
Elder Kolton Elmer

Tolhuin January 2015

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