Letter #18

Hola Papá

I´m doing allright. This week I´ve been a bit burned out. Especially with the stress of getting everything changed around. I can´t believe that transferes are here. It just seems like yesterday when I arrived in puerto Madryn. I´m sure going to miss this place :L Oh well. I´m even more excited for where i´m going now ;) ;) hahaha I´ve been called to go to Rio Grande in Tierra del Fuego. BUT.... my actual área is about 1 hour south from there in a Little town called Tolhuin (tole-ween) It is right in between Rio Grande and Ushuaia. When president comes to see all of us, we always meet in Ushuaia. Durring the next 4 months I will have gone to Ushuaia and seen my trainer, Elder LeBaron, as well. Also there´s an Elder who was in my MTC district who could be down there as well. You have no Idea how excited I am!!!!! My new área is never hot and it has forest and mountains and much more greenery tan Puerto Madryn. I´ll send you pictures for sure. That is....If I don´t die of boredom on the 24+ hour bus ride down there. hahaha I hope everything is going well with you guys at home. I´ve Heard a lot about meet the mormons from some of my companions and they said that it´s really good. I can´t wait to see it when I get back. I love you dad and I hope things keep going well at home and with work.

Con todo el amor en el mundo
Elder Kolton Elmer

p.s. I haven´t cut my hair for about 2 and a half months and it´s growing over my ears....shhhhhhhh don´t tell mom.  xD

Hey mother dear!!! :D

That conference with the lambs roasting was about 2 months ago and guess what? I still haven´t cut my hair. Please don´t fly down to argentina to cut it. In my new área I will find a peluquería and get it cut as soon as I get there.

Oh Yes..... I remember what "Brown noser" means xD hahaha In argentina we say Chupamedia (literal translation is Sock sucker) A lot of people take advantage of president because he gives his trust easily. He eventually finds out and they are demoted heavily. Oh well...serves them right. Sometimes people work for the honor of men. But as the scriptures say: If you serve for the honors and praise of men you allready have your reward. I can´t begin to tell you how much I hate Pride. It makes me want to tear my hair out uhhhhhhh!!!! Sorry for freaking out xD haha

The legs of that spider where about 2 inches long!! :O Luckily I won´t have to worry about spiders in my new área ;)

I´m preparing for the long bus ride especially since My destination is all the way in TIERRA DEL FUEGO :D :D :O I wil be in a Little town called Tolhuin. It´s in between Rio Grande and Ushuaia. When we have conferences with president we will all get together in Ushuaia!! :D I´m at the end of the world here xD hahaha I told dad a bit more about it in his email. :) I´ll be sure to send you guys lotts of pictures :D :D :D :D :D It´s all forrest down there and I will see more mountains :D

I´ve started the book of mormon again with the callenge president has given us. we mark missionary things in blue and parts about christ in red. so far I´m halfway through the book of Jacob. Wow!! I love the book of mormon soooooooo much :D  I´m happy to hear that the priesthood preview went really well. Did Talon cry when he read my response? I love my Little bro so much. hopefully he´s not too tall when I get back xD hahaha I hope everything is going well at home. Have a good week Mommy

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

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