Letter #16

HOLA HOLA HOLA. About the bank transaction. I did make it twice. The ATMs here only let you take out 1000 pesos at a time and I took out 2000 for that day. Also with the atms there´s a fee that it charges. US One dollar is 8 pesos here but....who knows? it always fluctuates. I don´t know. I still have the 2000 pesos you gave me for christmas. I haven´t spent any of it yet :D I´m always careful with my money here.

Anyways.....This week has been good. Our mission president has a goal for this comming year for 405 baptisms. Things are picking up really really FAST. My comp is continuing to teach me spanish and i´m always learning new words to say. It´s still hard for me to overcome my shyness but..... oh well. It just takes practice and practice and more practice. I´ve gotten a lot better though with speaking the language and my comp understanding what it is I´m trying to say. Right now this is the start of week 5 :O WHERE ON EARTH DOES TIME GO!!!! :O :O It is very very likely that I will leave puerto madryn this transfer and where i´m going I haven´t got the slightest idea. :) I hope I go somewhere colder. :) 

All the rejection makes the good times more treasured because there is always suposed to be opposition in all things. You can´t truly be greatful for someone answering the door withought having a few slammed on you first. xD hahaha 

That´s good to hear that brynnon´s choosing to have guys as just friends. It is true. Guys are A LOT more simple and less drama. Keep her in line for me; will ya? ;) hahahaha

That´s a cool science project talon´s doing. Send me pictures :D I remember doing science projects. They were.....fun :D When you go to priesthood preview tell me in great detail what peter traver says :D I wish I could be there to see and participate in talon getting the priesthood. 

Ooooo send me the picture of Adam I want to see how different he looks now. After all, it´s been a while since I´ve seen him. :) That is crazy huh? :O I can´t believe they come home this year :O :O Tell them when they come home to start writing me :) 

OH that´s only the begining of the book. It starts talking about the miracles really in depth later. :O and It really drops cane when it talks about the catholic church and the apostacy :D I´m in chapter 15 and it´s talking about Jesus healing on the sabath and how strict jewish law was with keeping the sabath day holy. Did you know that there´s record in the bible of someone being put to death for gathering wook to make a fire on the sabath? YIKES!! :O Jesus drops cane on the pharases and saduces HARD :D xD hahaha 

Keep up the good work with dad´s office. Thank you for the advice. I´ll keep smiling and pushing through it :) Missions were never meant to be easy anyways x) haha Have a good week and extend my love to everyone :D 

Con Amor 
Elder Kolton Elmer

p.s. Today I bought a box of 24 Alfajores and I´m sure going to enjoy those ;) I´ll send you guys a picture or two

We are teaching a family (Miguel and nanci) and an 18 year old. They´re both really great. The family needs to get marriage papers all sorted out and come to church and the 18 year old (Alexis) He needs to come to church. They are all really nice. But in 2 weeks it looks like I will be leaving Puerto Madryn for transfers :( Oh well, I hope that they get baptized :)

Hey Dad!! 

I´ve been really good here :D You guys are probably starting to notice that my english is suffering a ton more now xD hahaha I can hold a long conversation with my companion. I never speak english anymore here. I don´t remember the last time I spoke english. Crazy Huh? :O  I´m happy the way things are progessing with my language. My comp has taugh me a lot of new words that I will start implementing here this comming week. I am working out of a practice book as well to memorize the varioius ways to construct sentances here. The biggest practice I need to work on deals with speaking to others. I´m still pretty quiet and I need to get rid of my stupid Miedo de personas (fear of people) Improvement is making baby steps but at least it´s improving :) 

Although there was lots of rejection, it makes me more greatful for the people who are willing to listen to us. There´s an oposition in all things and everything is a learning experience. It´s all something to experience and improve on :) The weather is really nice when there´s wind to take the edge off the heat. Other than that I really miss air conditioning xD hahaha Our pension get pretty hot sometimes but I think I´m accustomed to it by now :) 

I´ll keep praying for things to go well at your office. Don´t stress. It will all work out acording to what the lord´s will is. Keep pressing forward and remember there´s opposition in all things and always a lesson to be learned. Have a good week Dad :D 

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer 

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