Letter #15

Hey Dad!

Everything is going really well here. It´s getting hotter though x( The heat is starting to kill me. jk Aside from the weather our investigators are doing well. That´s good to hear that I did well on my goals for last year. Thank you for the advice. I´ve noticed that the harder I work and the more focused I am, the quicker things are picking up. For example, the language has been so so for the past 2 weeks or so. Recently I started working and doing exercises out of a book that they gave me in the MTC. I see that with faith and works the atonement will make up for the things that I cannot do on my own. I´ve just got to speak more and then I will be doing all I can. It was so great skyping you guys as well. Thanks for the words of advice. I will try my best to follow them. Have a great week.

Te Amo Padre
Elder Kolton Elmer


This Letter Made me SOOOOOOOO happy this week!!! :D :D :D :D :D It´s great to hear of all the fantastic things going on in the ward. Like Jace being engaged and rowland and Caleb recieving their eagle scout wards. I´m just jumping up and down in my seat. It´s hard to contain the excitement. Tell everyone in the ward that I am doing fine and that my english is getting worse and worse by the day. Speaking spanish 24 7 is always interesting. 

New years was pretty fun. We spent it with the Reinaga family again and we had sandwiches and sidra(Non alchoholic) Sidra is the equivalent of sparkling cider in the USA but Sidra is very similar to ginger ale with strawberry or apple flavores. It´s really really good Px Other than that we also had another super pday and watched movies all day. :) 

That will be exciting when talon gets the priesthood. We have a few ward members recieving the priesthood as well. it makes me happy. Tell Talon to always live worthily to hold it. 

You´re going to like Jesus the Christ. Just to warn you, the way he words things with the words he uses are difficult to understand sometimes. Read all the notes at the end of the chapters and they explain a lot more as well. :D Let me know what you think of everything. We can be study buddies xD hahaha ;D 

I recieved like 20 or so cards this last week. You should have seen the look on the faces of my zone leaders xD hahahaha They were pretty suprised xD 

Everything is going well here. I´m starting to get more accustomed to being rejected. We contacted a whole entire street in our area and they all didn´t want anything to do with us xD hahaha Although it was hard. I´m not going to let that discourage me. Keep pressing forward and move on. One thing´s for certain. Whether they accept or reject I am learning and improving myself and that´s where my success is measured. I hope you have a good week mom. :D

Te Amo Madre <3
Elder Kolton Elmer

This is a letter that Kolton has written to Peter Traver in our ward after receiving a letter from him
Hey Brother Traver. I´m glad to hear that your family and your sons are doing fantastic. It makes me very happy to hear. Thanks for the good news. It really made my day :) Here are the answers to your questions. :)

1) If you were present for the Priesthood Preview what would you tell the Young Men today?
          I want the young men to recognize that serving a mission is a great privalege. Durring the time of a mission you will come to see miracles. You have 2 years to get to know your heavenly father personally and feel of his love that he has for each and every one of his children. Always live worthily of such an oportunity. I´ve had a member of my MTC district who went home and the brother of my trainer who was in the mission went home as well. Don´t let anything stand in the way of you and your mission and the chance you will have to bless the lives around you. The lord will call you knowing where you need to be. He has great blessings in store for each and every one of you wherever you are called to serve. Be ready and willing to accept this call
2) How would you prepare for you mission differently now that you are there? Or would it be the same? Please provide specific examples.
          I would have read the book of mormon all the way through before I left. Get familiar with the events and apply the teachings to yourselves. Be prepared also applies in the missionfield as well as in scouts. Also read and get familiar with Preach My Gospel. It will become your best friend in the mission aside from your companions xD haha PMG will tell you everything that you should do. 

3) What are your feelings about the Savior?
          This is a very personal question for me and it is impossible for me to describe sufficiently in words. My feelings for the savior have only grown being here in the mission. Before the mission I knew that he suffered and died for mankind to save them from being lost and that this sacrifice made it possible for us to return and live with him again. But my feelings for the savior extend well beyond this. I know that he knows every one of you personally and more perfectly than we can understand now. He loves you and absolutely wants the best for you. I have felt of his love here on the mission. There have been days where I´ve just wanted to give up and throw in the towel. The Atonement is Marvelous. When times where the hardest. I would think "Father, I can´t do this anymore. I can´t walk one more step. I can´t knock on one more door. I´m just wasting my time." I remember praying when times were the most difficult and i felt my burdens lightened and my pain was taken away. I felt his love lift me out of my pain and sorrow and He gave me the strenghth to be able to take those extra steps and to knockl on one more door. The Atonement is amazing. Through it Christ helps us be better and to become like him. Apply this gift and he will answer and help you be the person that he needs you to be.  

4) Will you please share one mission experience that would be beneficial to the Young Men?
          In continuation to my thoughts above. It is when times are the most hard and difficult that when you must NOT QUIT. DON¨T GIVE UP. The mission will not be easy. It is never easy and it will never be easy. But the lord will help make your burden easier to bear. When you face trails and hard times on your mission. Know that it is all for your own well being and "if thou endure it well. God will exalt thee on high" I have included a link to a video that I want you to show the Young Men durring the preisthood preview. It includes Jeffrey R. Holland and Henry B. Eyering about missionary work and the atonement. It hits the nail on the head. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spGtVY6L5jY 

5) What words of encouragement can you provide to help keep the Young Men interested in preparing for their missions?
         Missionary work is something you have to experience yourself to be able to understand completely. The lord has many many great blessings in store for you. Live worthily and learn to recognize the spirit. The mission is the best decision I have ever made. I love every second of my mission. No matter where you serve, know that there is always good times ahead. Live worthily and work for this goal. You will be blessed doing so. 

I wish I could be there in person for priesthood preview. Let me know how everything goes Peter. Thank you for all that you do. Good luck in priest´s quorum. Tell all the YM that I love them. 

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

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