How are you all doing this week? This week has been FANTASTIC on so many levels. On wednesday night we boarded a bus to take us to Comodoro Rivadavia. On the bus I saw and talked to some friends in my MTC district. The bus went through the night and was 7 hours long. In the morning we got off the bus and prepared for the meeting. This meeting was super super special. Elder Christopherson of the quorum of the 12 came and spoke to us missionaries in our mission. Before he spoke we all got the oportunity to shake his hand. There`s 3 apostles I`ve met :D :D :D :D He served in spanish so he gave his talk in spanish. That was cool to hear. The spirit was extremely strong in this meeting. I am starting to recognize the spirit more. I know and feel that the doctrines I`m teaching are true. This is his church and I am greatful to be his servant. After the meeting at about 4 we (the missionaries in trelew and puerto madryn) boarded the bus to return to our mission areas. This was my adventure this week.

This week we also set 3 baptisimal dates with our investigators. One of them was a pastor from another church who stopped going to his. He and his esposa are listening to us and I can tell that they are progressing. They`re reading the book of mormon. I`m still writing more specifically in my journal about these things. I am over 100 pages now. When you all read the journals I will tell you about the experiences.

Dad, It sounds like you had a fantastic time with Uncle Sid. Did you tell him hi for me? :) It`s good to hear that utah is doing well. Here in argentina I see the beach about every pday. The argentine ocean is really bizarre. You know why? it`s because there are no waves that wash up on shore at all. The wind in argentina is so strong that is actually keeps the waves from coming inland xD haha It`s always windy here and it is getting hotter. I miss air conditioning xD haha In the morning it`s pretty cool but when the sun comes out I sweat A LOT The sun here doesn`t set until 9:00 ish. The sun starts to go down at about 8:45 Some of the sunsets i`ve seen are beautiful. I`ll have to take a picture and send it. I wish I could take you down here so you can experience Argentina. ;) I`ve got some recipes so you can count on me to make some argentine food when I get home. Hope everything continues to improve at work.

It`s hard to believe that I`ve been here almost 4 months already :O with this week being thanksgiving I want to share with you all the things i`m grateful for.  I am grateful for my family and wonderful friends. I`m grateful for the temple and I miss being able to go. Being here on my mission I`ve realized that there are infinately many things to be grateful for  The thing I am gratetful for most of all though is Christ who knelt in the grove and bore the sins of all mankind. He knows us personally and I am forever grateful for his love for each and every one of us. We are everything to him and This I`m grateful for in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. What are you all grateful for? I would love to hear from all of you. For now, Have a good week everybody.

How`s everyone doing? How`s work? Grandma and Grandpa How`s your mission going? Keep asking me questions about Argentina I`m always more than happy to answer them !!! :D :D How are all my siblings doing? 

That`s all for this week. I Hope everything continues to go great with work and school. Have a good week everyone.

Con todo el amor en el Mundo
Elder Kolton Elmer

ps sorry if my english is getting really really bad. Spanish is starting to replace it. xD hahaha ¡Tengan un buen semana Amigos! Les Amo :D 

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