HEY HEY HEY :D This week has been better but we`re running out of investigators. Flor`s baptism was wonderful. My companion performed the ordinance and I was one of the witnesses. The spirit was there and it made me so happy. All these experiences I`ve written more about in my journal. I`ve written about 90 pages now and it grows everyday ;) The hard thing about baptisms though is the paperwork XD haha oh well. Everything here is keeping me busy. The dogs don`t bother me anymore I didn`t have to pick up any rocks this week. I have seen a few dogs fighting in the street and some of the people had to break it up xD haha. They`ll go at it until one of the dogs kills another one but hey that`s one less dog for me to worry about xD haha Busy Busy Busy is the only way to describe this week. Trying to contact is hard but It`s getting better. There was one day where we were eating lunch with a less active member and she talked to me and we made a deal that if I talked more, she would make my companion share the scripture. This week he had to share XD hahaha she was happy with how well I spoke. My language is almost to the point were I don`t have to think about it as much and things just make sense :) I also contacted more that day and I felt so good. I know the lord helped me. 
It sounds like you`ve all been kept SUPER busy. I loved hearing of you experience on the phone and at the Hospital. It really brings the spirit. The hospital story made me happy to hear. I sometimes feel the same way. There`s a part of our area where there are people with so much less than we have. They have dirt floors, plywood walls and sheet metal roofs and these experiences really humble me. 
Hahaha dad sure loves his football games xD tell everyone Hi and I love them all so much. Keep on working. everything will be good. Have a good week. 
Con Todo el amor en el mundo
Elder Elmer
ps I told dad something funny about the weather in his email be sure to ask him ;) 
pss happy belated mothers day. In argentina mothers day is in october so I got to celebrate it twice this year.

Dad, Thank you for your letter it helped me a bunch. Wow that`s interesting. Usually in November it`s starting to cool down. Here in Argentina the weather is always a wild card. You never know what in the word`s going to happen xD haha One day it rained, hailed, got overcast, warm, then cold and rainy. That cycle just sort of repeated xD haha. Everything has been warming up though. The weather is very similar to Utah suprisingly. The average here is usually 80 but with the wind take off another 30 degrees xD haha. Everthing is getting better. I`ll also write mom and you can read more from my reply to her. Oh and tell uncle sid I said Hi!
Con Muchisimo Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

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