Hey Familia,

How are you all? Did you tell Jeff and Sharee hi for me? I love hearing about all of the remodeling and renovations your making to the house. I´m glad to hear that everyone is happy and healthy. I got a little jealous when i read that everyone had a big sleepover. I wish I could have but I realize I am on the other half of the world xD haha It´s crazy how fast time is passing. I am starting week 10 in my training and it´s only for 12 weeks. AHHHHH!!!!! It´s been 9 weeks already :O For thanksgiving we didn´t do anything. Just preach the gospel and do a bunch of contacting. which is still difficult. 

Is dad having fun with his new smoker xD haha I know how much dad loves his smoked meats Px Here I had asado again. ohhhh the food here makes me SOOOOO happy xD it´s my favorite part of the day. The weather here in Argentina is getting really warm. Puerto Madryn is on the shore so we get A LOT of sun. I am a lot tanner than I was before I left XD haha The wind helps but it still gets pretty hot. It´s even weirder having sunlight until 9:00 The sun does not set until 9:30 so.....YAY more sunlight!!! In the winter though it will be the opposite. My area is the most north so the other areas of the mission have different amounts of daylight. For example, If I were to end up in Ushuaia durring the winter, then it would be like Alaska. Very few hours of sunlight and more darkness. The weather is great. I love it!

How was the celebration for brynn recieving her medallion? ooooo Olive garden? that makes me jealous xD haha jk What did she say when she mentioned me? You told me it brought tears to your eyes so now I´m curious xD haha Tell her FANTASTIC JOB!! Tell her to write me an email along with all the other kids. I would love to hear from them ;) 

I love hearing about when ward members ask about me. please let them know how much I love them. I´m excited for sister Uresk´s email :D 

I love you all so much. I am happy here in Argentina and I know this is where I am supposed to be. It feels like I have been here before for some reason xD haha I´ll send you pictures from last pday. Last week we walked along a SUPER long pier extending from the beach of Puerto Madryn out to the Argentine sea. The City is BEAUTIFUL!!

Have a good week and good luck with all the renovations tell everyone hi for me :D 

Sinceramente y Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

The spiritual message I have to share is about how we can help the work progress. I have learned out here on the mission that missionary work is hard when you can´t find members to accompany you to lessons. If you are preparing for a mission I would strongly encourage you to go on splits with the missionaries. I wish I would have before my mission. If you aren´t serving a mission always look for opportunities to serve, bless and help those around you. You will feel the spirit very strongly and will see the lord helping you in your life. Faith and works bring miracles. This church is true and I know that the lord is always anxious to bless us. He can help us reach our full potential as his children. We just have to work our best and he will make up for the rest. I love you all and I hope that you have a fantastic week.

Puerto Madryn November 2014

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