Letter #6

Hola Familia I´ll be in puerto madryn most likely until the end of January.

1.    Have you received the package that we sent yet????  How about the two letters by mail that we sent a LOOOOONNNGGG time ago.  The one came through regular mail and the other was through the pouch that the church sends?
Sorry, I haven´t received them yet. I have received the two letters though ;) They got to me at the exact same time xD 

2.    Do they celebrate "Day of the Dead" in Argentina or is that just a Mexico thing?
Día de los muertos is a mexican holiday. They´re probably celebrating it in mexico since it´s november 2nd now :D They don´t have any sort of holiday here for halloween. 

3.    How's your money situation?  Do you need anything?  How much money do they give you a month to live on?  Is it enough?  I haven't seen any withdrawals from your account but if you need to, there is money in there for you to use?
They give us 1000 pesos to live off of. and I found that that´s sufficient. Tell me how much I have in my account though because I tried to take money out but it wouldn´t do it.

4.    Did you know Elder Smedley, I guess he is a missionary in your mission and his dad passed away? I heard of him but that sorry made me sad. I am happy though that he made the decision to say on the mission because even though he had the choice, he still chose to serve.

5.    Did you still need to figure out how to get some piano books for your student?  If you haven't received the package that we sent, I worry about trying to send piano books.  I need to invest in Jesus stickers to put them on the next package.  I guess that they stay away from opening packages if there are Jesus stickers on them....interesting:) I haven´t found anything out yet. I guess I´ll have to improvise ;) haha ba dum psh My comp likes puns so that´s starting to rub off on me. xD

6.     How´s your speaking coming along? A ese punto en tiempo yo puedo hablar con cualquier persona. No esta muy defícil para mi a continuar un conversación pero yo tengo miedo ye vergüenza para superar. Yo sé con tiempo y practica que yo podré a hablar mas y compartir mi testimonio con otros personas. Tambien yo puedo entender mucho castellano en nuestro rama yo hablo con muchos personas. Especialmente los reinagas
Translation: At this point in time I can talk with anyone. It´s not difficult for me to continue a conversation I just need to overcome my fear to speak the language to other people. I know with practice that it will come and I will be able to share my testimony with any person. Also I can understand a lot of castellano. In our branch I talk with the members a lot. Especially the Reinagas. 

Tell brynnon that everything will be fine. I too had a very tough week. My comp got a little frustrated with me and sort of snapped. I lost the will to work for the past 3 days. One day though I felt the impression to pray when my comp was in the shower. I remember just pouring out my soul to my father in heaven and when I was finished I just stayed there and listened and I received the most profound revelation i have ever received. I wrote it in my journal and when I return you will read it. HE WILL ANSWER PRAYERS. This is something Brynn needs right now. Pray with all the energy of your soul and have the desire and the faith that god will answer you and at the end just stop and listen. You will receive an answer and direction on what you should do. 

I´m happy dad and Talon are really bonding by throwing the football around :D I´m also happy that talon found something he likes to do besides video games xD haha

We had a baptism this week of a 9 year old girl named Flora. Her brother Nexon is working on his mission papers now and I am so happy for him. This week has been very spiritual for me. I´ve never loved to cry this much. 

LYNDON is lyndon xD haha I miss hearing her voice xD haha

This is a gospel of progression and improvement and I continue to learn and progress. The words to the hymn if you could hie to kolob say. Improvement and Progression have one eternal round. I love this gospel and I know and feel that it is true. Have a good week everyone.

Sinceramente y con todo el amor en el mundo
Elder Kolton Elmer

ps my halloween costume was my missionary clothes worn backwards xD hahaha I hope you got a good laugh xD.

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