Hola everyone!!
It`s crazy how fast the week has gone by. Also it`s hard to believe that 5 weeks (almost 1 transfer) has gone by as well. It may be possible that we could change companionships but I guess time will tell.
Yesterday and saturday was stake conference here in the patagonia. I was greatly humbled by what these ward members do to be able to go to stake conference. We took a 2 hour round trip bus ride on saturday and sunday to trelew to be able to go to the stake center. Looking out the window of the bus, there is absolutely nothing to see. It`s all flat brush and desert. It`s beautiful though. With everyone added together the whole stake is as big as our ward at my farewell. That`s pretty small in comparison to Utah. Our choir performed and that was beautiful. I felt a little out of place for one reason in particular....my height. There are hardly any tall people here in argentina xD hahaha My spanish is getting better. I can communicate, get the main idea and be able to hold a decent conversation. The language isn`t my issue. My trial right now is opening my mouth and being able to talk to other people. Prestident Rogers, my comp, the members, my patriarchal blessing, and the spirit tell me I need to speak. I know the blessings that are promised if I do. I just need to do as alma directs. Experiment on the word with a desire to believe.
The spirit is constantly in my life and I feel it`s guidance and continually recieve revelation. Personal study is my favorite time as a missionary. I love how the spirit makes me feel. My understanding of the gospel is where I am able to feel that they are true. I physically feel the truths being testified to me. There are many miracles which I have seen as well. Miracles aren`t necesarily the big experiences you see. To me, they are the little flecks of gold that I find. Those become the big things. Look for them and you will find them. The lord blesses us at times without us realizing. Yesterday I had an idea to visit two investigators. My comp and I went and we were able to talk to the two of them. They almost NEVER answer their door. That was no cooincidence. We also gave a blessing last night to a youth working on his mission papers. His name is Nexon and His sister Flor is getting baptized this week. I wrote about these in my journal in greater detail. I`ll have you read when I get home. So far I`ve written more than 80 pages.
I`m happy to hear that you all had a good time visiting Grandma and Grandpa. hello grandma and grandpa. Thank you for your letter you sent this week. I love hearing how the temple is going. Our mission goal is to get a temple here in Patagonia and we are all working diligently to meet our goals for this to happen.
Thanks mom for sending the pictures of my sibling`s halloween costumes. They look FANTASTIC. Talon though scared me a bit. xD haha just kidding. How are things going with Brynnon, Lyndon and Talon?
Piano lessons with Abril Leon are going well. She is really progressing it just makes me sad that the music teachers here in the school don`t have their heart in teaching music. She knows the notes and that`s all. The school music teachers don`t try to cultivate their talents. She has the potential to be a great pianist.
That`s pretty much been my whole week. Things are going very well and I am happy here. The homesickness stage has past. I just feel so happy I just can`t explain how It feels exactly.
Sinceramente y con mushìsimo amor
Elder Kolton ELmer
PS Elder LeBaron says "Hi"

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