Letter #4

Hola Familia

It´s been another fantastic week here at the end of the world. THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN LOOKING AT ALL OF YOUR PICTURES FROM THE TRIP SO FAR!!!! I couldn´t keep from smiling the whole time I was reading and looking at those pictures. I´m so happy for you guys. I bet that must have been wierd not having me here xD haha That was funny when you said that talon brynnon and lyndon were too tired to kill each other xD I´ve gotten acustumed to all of the walking around. Here in argentina the only paved roads are paved underneath the roads.Wierd right? Everything else is all dirt roads and rocks which is good for amunition if you know what i mean. the roads in centro in puerto madryn are all paved and that´s were our chapel is. 

I am still playing piano at our ward every week. That´s fun. This comming week I have another piano lesson to teach and I need you to send me the piano adventures books ASAP!!! Primer, level 1a and 1b. Teaching piano is so much fun. My spanish is getting to the point now to where I can hold a long conversation with the other missionaries who don´t speak english. Spanish is SO MUCH FUN!!! ¡me encanta muchísimo! 

We have 3 baptisimal dates set and we are working to help those we teach prepare. We are teaching a 9 year old who just needs the lessons. Joni, the brother I mentioned last week. We taught him the word of wisdom and that was a great lesson. And Gloria Vera needs the lessons and we are working on fellowshipping her into the branch. It in absolutely crazy how strong i´ve been feeling the spirit. In personal study i don´t just know that the doctrines are true but I truly feel them and they are transforming me. Especially reading Jesus the Crist is mindblowing. I just can´t stop singing, smiling, crying for joy, and praising the lord all the day long. The only thing I miss more than anything is the temple. I miss going and doing sessions. WOW is just all I can say.

Here´s some fun things I did this week. Last night we ate dinner with the reinaga family. The two hermanas in our district were there too. Hnas castillo and hundly. We are all just sitting there talking and hmno reinaga brings out this tray STACKED AND PILED HIGH with all different types of meat. Cow, chicken, sausage, and one interesting food item (Carne, Pollo, Chorizo and Mostillo. Now..... mostillo is definately on the wierd food list. It´s a sausage that they eat here in argentina. It´s made of congealed goat blood and chucks of fat stuffed into sausage casing. As wierd as that sounds, I REALLY enjoyed that. xD hahaha

Some funny moments with my companion. First, he put a 1 peso coin on our heater, picked it up and burned himself xD hahaha second, him and hermana hundly are both from arizona and they are haveing a little "Country song battle" I tease him all the time about him marrying her someday xD haha Finally, Ive had a few gramar blunders. For example I wanted to say "if we listen to the prophets they will guide us" What i said instead though was if we SMELL the prophets they will guide us" xD haha just one little word made that big of a difference. xD

I hope everything is still going FANTASTIC at home. I love you guys so much. Have a great week everyone

Sincerely y con amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

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