Letter #3


Yeah, we had mission conference on monday with our president. So I wasn`t able to send you an email untill then. I really wish that I could have gone inside the temple while I was in Bueno Aires traveling to my mission. I miss the temple so much. What are your thoughts on the pension? xD haha that was the ONLY time I made my bed xD muahahaha. For breakfast we usually eat something very small. I was able to buy cereal today so that was nice. For lunch we have appointments with the members. For example yesterday we ate with the renaga family and they gave us sandwiches (the sandwiches here all together are about half an inch thick. 3 slices of flat bread cheese meat and mayo) They love their mayo here I guess haha In that picture I sent. I was cooking soup that comes in packets here. Oh here`s something pretty funny. You know how when we buy milk in the US we get it by the gallon in those containers. Well.... in argentina you buy it in liters and it is stored in a bag!! I`m not kidding you buy bags of milk here xD haha For dinner we just make something at the pension when we return and plan for the night. It`s always a lunch appointment never dinners.

People actually want me to teach piano classes xD hahaha I think i`m going to do that xD haha it`s fun. That`s cool that Caleb played the piano in sacrament meeting "If I Could Hie to Kolob". in spanish the hymn is called si a kolob pudieras ir. I know how much you guys miss the music. I should have made a few recordings xD haha everything is great here. I already consider this place as my second home.

My companion has been out in the mission for about 10 months now. He has been a great blessing for me and has helped me out tremendously. The weather here is really great. It`s exactly what perfect weather should be xD It`s never extremely hot or very cold but we have had a few rain storms every now and again. haha If only you guys were here to see the Argentine sky. It is just gorgeous. It`s always chilly here and windy. The wind never stops. It`s really dusty and it blows everywhere xD haha something funny you see in Argentina is people will water their dirt. Nothing will grow, but they will water their dirt xD hahaha It`s really dry here just like 
Utah. There is no humidity and it`s different because you would think that being extremely close to the sea would do that. Oh and yesterday I got to drive by the sea. There are no waves. Isn`t that interesting? xD haha the wind is just so strong that it keeps the waves from coming in. 

That`s cool that you got to talk to that hermana that just returned from Argentina.  I think that will be me when I have to come home. The town that has the penguines is just an hour south of our city. The home of the penguines is called trelew. Hahaha No one will miss the dogs. I`ve had dogs attack us more times this week than I can count on my fingers. I HATE THEM SO MUCH!!! Rocks are my best friends here though. 

WOW it`s already been 1 quarter at school? haha tell Brynnon, Talon and Lyndon  ├ęchale ganas for me!! :D that means go get it or keep working hard. I miss seeing them. Let them know how much I love them. 

Oh yesterday we had an investigator come to church with us and I still remember the look he gave me at the end of the block when he shook my hand. There was a light there that wasn`t there before. I hope he continues to progress. He has a baptisimal date and so does an older lady and a 9 year old in our branch. Just talking about it makes me so happy. I just can`t keep this smile off of my face. xD hahaha

Yes, my spanish is getting so much better. The Accent is HUGE. Most of the time I can`t tell what words they`re using. The accent also depends on person to person. Some speak lighting fast and others speak to where I can understand. It`s very different. when I bear my testimony and come back you`ll hear the difference ;)

FANTASTIC!!!! :D :D :D I`m glad to hear that you all had the opportunity to go to Brielle's farewell. I know that song and it`s one of my favorites. Brielle just is such an energetic person :D That cracked me up so hard when I heard that lyndon said that xD bwahaha  Lyndon will be as tall as her soon.  Greg goes to our building? hmmm interesting. Yep he leaves in december. 

Don`t worry about length of your letters my letters are probably going to be that long too if not longer xD haha

I hope you all continue to have a good week. I will keep hitting the dogs and fending them off xD haha. 

Sinceramente y Con Muchisimo Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

ps word has spread in our branch that I have 37 girlfriends xD hahaha i was playing piano after choir and went to find my comp. when I got back I could tell the hermanas have been talking about something. One of them asked ¿En Serio? ¿Treinta y siete? xD haha (are you serious, 37) I love everyone here so much xD I have MANY other funny moments but I guess you`ll all have to wait untill you`re able to read my journal. By the way I`ve only missed one day.

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