Hey Family!!
Week two has been very great despite the stupid dogs. Oh dogs SUCK so bad. I´ve been attacked every now and then. I have quite the story. It ended up with me chucking a rock at 2 really big German shepards. The movie All Dogs Go To Heaven should be flipped around.  I didn´t get bitten but I did throw plenty of rocks. :)  I haven't seen any whales yet:)

How was General Conference? Here we got to watch General Conference in english which was nice. This weekend with conference was a little difficult because we couldn´t go visit people but... oh well. Yesterday we had conference with President Rogers and he taught us a lot about how to be better missionaries. I also found out that a member of the 12 apostles is coming to visit our area on November 13th :D :D :D I can´t wait for that. President Rogers is a great leader and I'm glad that he´s my mission president.  During General Conference I loved Elder Holland´s talk about service. Give service and give it freely :)

Will you get to watch General Conference?
1. We watched General Conference in a room with a little TV in english.  The spanish version was broadcast to the chapel just like they do for the priesthood session. 

Where is your companion from?
2. My companion´s name is Elder LeBaron. He is from Mesa, Arizona. He is a great trainer and he loves teaching. We work very well together. I´m glad he does a lot of the talking because half the time I don´t even know what´s going on. xD haha  I'll send you guys a picture. Be warned, you´ll have a lot of pictures today.

Have you seen the two letters we sent or the package yet?
3. No, I haven´t received anything yet but I´ll keep my eyes open.

Why don't you have power in your apartment/pension?
4. Someone came by and pulled a wire out of our electrical box.....idk why but we were able to fix it. We didn't have to worry about out pension because we don´t have computers in there anyway xD hahaha we do all our emailing from a cyber cafe. Yeah, we just did everything by candlelight.

Are you cold?
5. The weather is interesting here. it´s never been hot but at night it gets to the point to where you can see your breath. It gets pretty chilly for the most part.  I´ve had to break out the coat at times so far.

Is it their culture to leave some food on your plate when you are finished to be polite like you read on the internet?
6. I honestly don´t know about the food. Here in Argentina they feed you until you are satisfied. Hahaha funny story. When we had Asado at hmo. lepe´s house he totally kept filling up my plate. He must have saw how skinny I was and wanted to fatten me up or something. xD haha

Please send me more questions :D

I have a funny story for you guys. There´s a family in our ward called the Renaga family. She is the music director in our ward and she found me right after the last session of conference and told me to play from my book that Lauren gave to me, "If You Could Hie to Kolob". There was another lady listening among the sister missionaries there and I didn´t realize who it was until they began choir practice with a prayer xD hahaha yep.... I´m now the pianist for our ward´s choir and I also sing in it too. My musical talents are being used a lot more than I anticipated. We are going to sing "If You Could Hie to Kolob" and another hymn. I am super excited for that. We were also talking to a less active member and I got asked to help tutor her boy in school and she also asked if I could begin to teach piano :O  
The food here in Argentina has not ceased to amaze me. This week I had the dish Argentina is most well known for. It´s called Asado or BBQ. That was seriously the best thing that I have ever put into my mouth. Px Man...... I LOVE IT HERE!!! The people are super duper friendly and I love them all. Even if they shake their finger at me if I clap at their gate xD haha
I´m glad to here that everyone is doing well at home :D oooo send me pictures I want to see what´s changing at home :D 
Grandma and Grandpa: I love you guys and I hope you all enjoyed this letter as much as I did writing it. It´s so hard to describe everything in a letter but I am doing my best. I already have quite the amount of stories to tell ;) especially with all the stupid dogs everywhere.
Continue to have a fantastic week familia (Flia is the argentine word)
Con Muchisimo Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

Elder LeBaron (Kolton's Trainer)

"Pension" in Puerto Madryn


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